PLNZ83T Arca-swiss L-Bracket for Nikon Z8 with QD | Offset Type

$169.95 USD

Additonal Note: This is the offset version of the Nikon Z8 L-bracket. This means the vertical part is adjusted to make way for the Nikon Z8 articulating screen.

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  • For Nikon Z8
  • Offset Design to allow full articulation of Camera LCD without blocking ports
  • Built-in Cold shoe on Top of Bracket for Speed-lights, Mics, etc.
  • Slide-out vertical Piece allows for easy port access
  • Efficiently swap between portrait and landscape orientations
  • Captive 1/4-20 Camera Mounting screw with Integrated Magnetic Allen Wrench Storage
  • Two safety stops on the vertical and horizontal surface
  • Compatible with Arca-Swiss style tripods, monopods 
  • Easy battery access
  • Centering Lines for Easy Panorama shooting
  • Machined aircraft aluminum construction using CNC precision machine
  • Additional 1/4-20" on Top, Side, and Bottom for attaching straps, etc.
  • Unobstructed LCD access
  • Made in the USA
  • 5-year warranty

The ProMediaGear PLNZ83T Arca-Swiss L-Bracket with Offset allows for quick changes between portrait and landscape without the need for tripod head readjustment and re-composition.

You simply release the bracket from your tripod head, flip it 90 degrees mounting it back into the tripod head.

This L-Bracket is also compatible with Arca-Swiss type standards from all major manufacturers. So it does not matter which clamp do you use, as long as it is a standard Arca clamp.

Benefits or mounting on the vertical side facilitates a more stable platform than using the ball head alone to tilt 90 degrees, as the camera mounts directly over the center of the tripod apex.

The L- Bracket has been machined from solid Aluminium T6061 block and black anodized for the scratch-resistant finish.

The main feature of this L-Bracket is its two-piece design; the vertical piece of the L-Bracket can be extended to allow cable connection (cable connections are also possible without extending).

This L-Bracket / L-Plate is also suitable for video accessories.  Two 1/4-20 threads, one on top and one on the side allow for attachment of various accessories, lights, mics, and cold shoes. 

Furthermore, it's offset to allow for easy camera cable connections, and full articulation of the LCD screen is permitted.

This L-bracket comes with a 5-year warranty.

What's Included
  • L-Bracket
  • Removable strap loop
  • Allen wrench 5/32 inch, for camera mounting, and other for stop screws.

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