The L-Bracket was designed to quickly mount your camera onto an Arca-swiss style ball head in landscape or portrait shooting positions. It is a camera accessory that stays permanently attached to your camera and lets you clamp it to the ball head mounted on your tripod.
ProMediaGear L-Brackets allows for fast changes between portrait and landscape orientations, without the need for tripod head readjustment and re-composition. You simply release the bracket from your tripod head, flip it 90 degrees mounting it back into the tripod head. 

Should you get a universal L-Bracket for any camera?

If you have multiple camera units or you upgrade regularly, a universal L-bracket is a great investment. You can easily remove it from one body and transfer it to another.

Having a universal L-bracket on hand is handy whenever you are shooting landscapes. It makes changing composition easier. It also reduces the risk of your camera setup falling down due to an imbalanced position.

How to choose a ProMediaGear L-Bracket?

There are several ProMediaGear L-Brackets to choose from.

PLX3x and PLX4x 

PLX3x is a 3-inch Arca swiss plate designed for DSLRs and Mirrorless camera bodies without the battery grip. For Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Fuji, Pentax, etc.

It is compact and pretty lightweight (4.32oz) and gives excellent access to the side camera ports when extended out from the camera. 

PLX4x is a 4-inch tall universal L-Bracket fits any camera DSLRs and Mirrorless Camera Bodies with the battery grip. Compatible with any Arca swiss clamp, this L-bracket is very strong but also lightweight. 

PLX3T and PLX4T (universal L-bracket designed for cameras with articulating LCD screens) 

PLX3T is the universal L-Bracket for DSLR or Mirrorless cameras (for non-grip) with articulating LCD screens. 
PLX4T is the universal L-Bracket for DSLR or Mirrorless cameras (for tall and grip cameras) with articulating LCD screens. These universal L-plates are offset design to allow full articulation of Camera LCD without blocking ports. 

These are all two-piece design plates with extendable vertical plate allows for easy tethering. It also features a built-in Allen wrench magnetic holder and 1/4"-20 threads on vertical and bottom side for accessories (cold shoes, holsters, straps).
The base plates for all these models can also be used as a flash bracket. These L-brackets have hard black anodized surface coating with a wear-resistant finish and has been machined from solid Aluminum T6061 block. 

The accessories are 100% made, designed and assembled in the USA.

Additional note:
Since this is a universal L-Bracket, if the battery on the Grip is accessed from the L-bracket side it will block the battery.  In that case, a custom L-bracket is recommended. 
Feel free to check our custom-fitted L-brackets made for several camera models.