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What is a Camera Slider?

A camera slider is an essential videography tool that allows for smooth movement on a horizontal plane. It can be set to slide forward and backward or left and right. Other sliders can be mounted vertically for up and down movement.

Why use a camera slider?

There are multiple reasons why a slider is worth using. Shooting an establishing shot or revealing a scene looks more dramatic with a slider.

But the best reason why you should use one is it transforms a static scene into a dynamic one. There are scenes where a standing shot looks nice yet with a slider, it transforms into something more phenomenal.

Why choose ProMediaGear camera sliders?

ProMediaGear camera sliders are available in two versions - basic and motorized. The basic one has to be manually controlled for movement while the motorized slider can be automatically set.

What distinguishes ProMediaGear sliders from other brands is that it is double-sided. It has a straight side and a curved side. 

ProMediaGear sliders also come in multiple lengths. The shortest is 24-inches while the longest one is 48-inches.

All sliders are made with high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum which means it is lightweight and durable.