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What is a flash bracket?

A Flash Bracket is a photography accessory that allows you to lift your flash above the lens. Adjustable flash brackets help to keep the flash in the center when changing from portrait to landscape orientation.

Why use a flash bracket?

The main advantage of using a flash bracket is providing a more pleasant source of light. By placing the flash higher than the camera, the direction of light hitting the subject will look better. This also removes unwanted redeye on photographs.

Flash brackets allow you to attach heavy flash modifiers from Profoto, Elinchrom, and other big brands. You are getting a flattering source of light on the get-go.

What is a camera bracket plate?

Camera bracket plates attach to the bottom of the camera and connect to a tripod head. It is the only point of connection between the camera and the tripod making it an essential accessory.

Using a flimsy camera plate increases the risk of your camera disconnecting to your tripod. It might be a small part but it is a worthy investment.

What is a camera handle?

Camera handles attach to your camera bracket plate for an added grip. This piece of equipment is usually used by videographers. Using one adds a large grip making it more stable while shooting handheld.

Besides an extra handle, ProMediaGear camera handles have extra cold shoe mounts for accessories such as LED lights or microphones.

What are battery pack cages?

Profoto, Elinchrom, and other lighting manufacturers create lights that use external battery packs. These batteries are bulky and need a place to be mounted at. With a battery pack, the battery fits nicely into it and it attaches to a light stand securely.

Are port protectors essential?

Cameras have ports on the side to connect accessories like microphones, video output, and many more.

There are instances where the cables get disconnected while in a shoot and that is not ideal especially during a paid gig.

Camera port protectors solve that problem. It attaches to your camera and secures all the cables attached to your camera. This gives the peace of mind that the cables will not get detached while shooting.