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30 - Day exchange policy with free return shipping in USA.

5-year Warranty on ProMediaGear Products, 1-year on Electronics. 

Warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship, 30-60 days PMG covers shipping both ways in USA.  After 60 days from date of purchase customer is responsible for shipping the product to us via Track able carrier and PMG covers return shipping. 

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*We're located just 30 miles south of Chicago*


All packages are shipped from Orland Park, IL 60467. Free shipping promotion applies only to US based addresses shipped via UPS Ground, USPS Priority Mail or First Class Mail with tracking. Express shipping and rush ordering is available. Please email or call to make sure we can ship same day if ordering after 11:00am CST. Small items/accessories can be shipped via 1st class Mail to reduce costs.



Shipping costs start around $35 for UPS/DHL, for items $300 and above it's usually about 8-10% of the value of order. Cheaper methods maybe available but if they don't provide tracking we can't be liable for lost packages. 

We accept PayPal as the international payment method. Please make sure the shipping address recorded with your PayPal account matches the shipping address you provide to us while checking out on our website. If addresses do not match we must ship to the address associated with the payment method (PayPal) We are not responsible for any fees for re-routing packages to a different address.

Customers are responsible for any duty and tax-related fees and costs, we cannot reduce the value of the items to save on duty.

Thank you for shopping with us!

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between SS2 Port option and QD Port Option?

We offer two types of plate port options. The plate port is the small ring on our plate where a strap mechanism connects.

A plate that has an SS2 Port will only work with OUR ProMediaGear Strap Mechanism (SS2P1/SS2P2)

The QD port will work with OTHER BRAND straps.

Flash Brackets:

How exactly does the Boomerang flash bracket work?

The Boomerang flash bracket attaches to the camera body via a universal or a custom plate. By releasing the lever the bracket rotates 90 degrees around the lens. We recommend watching the video on our homepage that will help you get a better understanding of the flash bracket and many of its features. We have two different models of flash brackets BS models are for cameras that do not have grips/battery packs and BG models are for cameras that have grips/battery packs.

Does the flash bracket come with a plate?

Yes the flash bracket includes a plate. You will need to select your camera make and model from the drop down menu. If your camera is not listed, please select the universal plate

I am confused about all the different options I can choose from when customizing the flash bracket, what should I do?

Please click on the “?” on the right side of the options menu. A new window will open describing the options. 

What is the difference between the BOOMERANG flash bracket and the GUILLOTINE flash bracket?

The Boomerang flash bracket rotates the flash around the lens. The Guillotine flash bracket not only rotates the flash around the lens but ALSO allows for a separate rotation of the flash. For example, when taking a picture with the Boomerang flash bracket in a horizontal position, the flash remains in the horizontal position. When taking a picture with a Guillotine flash bracket in a horizontal position the flash can be orientated to a vertical position. 

Is the flash bracket compatible with a tripod?


What is the difference between the BBX Boomerang Flash Bracket and the BBGV2 Boomerang Flash Bracket?

The BBGV2 Boomerang Flash bracket is specifically designed for taller camera bodies such as the Canon 1DX or  cameras that have battery packs. The BBX Boomerang Flash bracket is designed for shorter AND taller camera bodies so it is more universal. What makes the BBX universal is its height adjustment. Flash arm's position can be adjusted to suit shorter or taller camera bodies.

Sometimes I use a grip/battery pack with my camera and sometimes I do not, which flash bracket should I choose?

If you only sometimes use battery pack please select the BBX Boomerang Flash Bracket. The BBX Boomerang Flash Bracket features a height adjustment which allows the flash arm to be raised or lowered to suit tall and short camera bodies.

Can ProMediaGear flash brackets work with Profoto B2 Heads?

Yes, you will need to purchase our B2 Adapter. It can be found under the category: flash brackets> accessories.

I want to purchase a flash bracket but my camera make/model is not listed in the drop down menu what do I do?

 If your camera is not listed we do not make a custom plate for it, please select the UNIVERSAL plate from the drop down menu.

I currently use a RRS L-Bracket, will it be compatible with the ProMediaGear flash bracket?

Yes,you will need to select the CB60 Bracket Clamp from the drop down. The bracket clamp will “clamp on to” the L-Bracket.

What is the CB60 Bracket Clamp and how can it be used with the flash bracket?

The CB60 bracket clamp first needs to be attached a ProMediaGear flash bracket. After it is attached, the clamp will “grab onto” any Arca-Swiss Type L bracket or plate. (Kirk, RRS, Markins etc.)


What is the L-Bracket used for?

L-Brackets are to be used with tripods. They allow a photographer to quickly RELEASE, TURN, AND REMOUNT the camera for either a horizontal or vertical shot.

Are ProMediaGear L-Brackets two piece or one piece design?

Our L-Brackets are a two piece design. This means if you do not want to use the vertical piece you can simply remove it and use just the base plate.

I cannot find an L-Bracket for my camera on your website, help.

If you cannot find an l-bracket for your camera on our website then we do not have one. Although we do have UNIVERSAL L-Brackets that work with many different camera make/models.

I already own a ProMediaGear BRACKET PLATE; can I just purchase the vertical piece of the L-Bracket?

Yes, if you already own a ProMediaGear bracket plate please first verify that the plate has ports on its sides to accept the l-bracket prongs. If the plate does have ports then you will only need to purchase the vertical piece.

What are the safety stops used for?

Safety stops prevent the camera from falling out of the clamp when the clamp is accidentally loosened. All ProMediaGear plates and l-brackets have removable safety stops.

Company Policy

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship worldwide. Shipping cost is varies between $35-$80. Depending on the item you are purchasing. You can estimate the shipping cost by adding the items to your cart, selecting your country, entering your postal code and city and clicking "Calculate"

Can you ship an international package a cheaper shipping method?

Yes, please contact us for more details

Do you offer expedited shipping methods?

Yes, during checkout you will have options to select different shipping methods. 

What is your return policy?

We have a 30 day return policy that includes free domestic return shipping. If you need to make a return please contact us via phone or e-mail.

Where do you ship from?

We ship from Orland Park, IL 60467

What shipping methods do you use?

Orders less than $100 are typically shipped via USPS Priority or First Class Mail. Orders above $150 UPS Ground.

(shipping methods are subject to change) 

I live near the Chicago-land area, can I stop by to see your products?

Yes, please give us a call ahead of time to schedule an appointment.