VSBAG Heavy Duty Bag for Video Sliders and Other Equipment

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Vincent Nicoletti (Sydney, AU)
Very Good

Quality bags are hard to find. I have two of these in different sizes. Measure your gear and choose the right one. I have two bags sized for two tripods with the heads affixed. I love that. Minimises messing around on location. Good design.

Right sized tripod bag, but...

This is a decent enough tripod bag. It fits my TR343L with BH50 well. The carry strap is nice and the bag appears to be pretty well-made thus far. However, the interior Velcro straps are more of an annoyance than useful. I cut them off, as I prefer to just throw my tripod in the bag and go. The exterior pocket is useful. I store tripod-related tools there.

My biggest disappointment and I hope that PMG reads and acts on this: This bag is made in China. There are many great manufacturers in the US that produce superior products competitively. I can steer you toward several that would make better bags that fit well with your "built in USA. Just let me know if you're interest.

Bill Gonzalez
amateur photographer

I bought a TR344L (which is a awesome tripod although I have not yet taken it on the road) and I also own a RRS BH-55 Ball head. Needed a bag to carry them both, I bought the 28 inches VSBAG and I was able to fit the tripod and the ball head in the bag - I'm Satisfied customer!!