VS32 DUO Dual Track Video Slider 32" Straight & 72" Curved with Carrying Case

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Wow... just received by 32 inch slider, built like a Mercedes and as smooth as can be. Looking forward to adding the motorized feature for time lapse. One impressive, and extremely well engineered, product.

Marko Koks
This is the BEST slider that i have ever used!

I shoot a lot of interviews and talking heads for my video production as well. With DUO sliders curved side, it is really easy to keep the subject centred in the frame and when filming wide open, the DOF and focusing issues won't be a problem, cause the distance from the subject won't change, so theres no need to pull the focus as long as you are exactly 182 cm from the subject. The curved side can be used on any other situations as well not just for interviews. It gives a three dimensional look when using the curved side and you don't have to worry about panning your video head cause it will do it for you perfectly every time! I had the chance to test Kesslers carbon stealth slider for a month, but didn't like it so much and started to look for better alternatives. It was really hard to pan the video head smoothly so i found this product and bought this instead.

Todd Terry
Creative Director of Fantastic Plastic Entertainment, Inc.

AWESOME slider. 30-year veteran DP, I had looked for a curved slider for years. ProMedia was already making curved sliders with a tighter radius, but I've been wanting one with a 6' radius, the exact same curve as real dolly track. This thing is solid SOLID... one piece of machined aluminum... perfect 72" radius... curved and straight sides... and ROCK solid carriage. Numerous 3/8" and 1/4" tripod receivers, bubble levels here and there, great locking legs. And it is smooth as silk. Tricked out my C300 is 11lb plus I use a big Oconnor head that is 10lb... way too much for a lot of gear. This is the ONLY slider in the "inexpensive/prosumer" level I've found that will carry my camera/head absolutely ROCK solid. NO play in the carriage. It honestly is as solid as the big pro sliders that weigh a ton and cost several thousand dollars. And it curves. The 6' radius is perfect for talking heads with most common focal lengths and the 32" length is more than enough. It's a bargain, too.