TR42ML Carbon Fiber Monopod with Arca-Swiss Clamp | 81" height

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Matt Eseltine (Los Angeles, US)
Great way to save my arms

I lug around a D850 and a Sigma 150-600mm Sports lens. I think they weigh 10lbs combined. I was getting very tired of holding them up for extended periods, waiting for birds to take flight. I own other PMG gear and know they are top notch quality. So it was a cinch to decide on this monopod to solve my problems.
I paired the monopod with a Mono-gimble head from another company and the combination has been flawless.
The monopod is sturdy, stiff and well built. It's a little heavier than some monopods I have tried but that is to be expected given its thickness and the Arca head on top. The release knobs feel great and take very little effort to work. I decided on the long monopod as I take lots of bird photos, birds like to be in trees so I find myself taking the monopod to heights taller than myself so I can relax and let the camera tilt down to me as apposed to squatting.
There isn't anything I can say that is negative about this monopod. It has performed really well so far.

Matt E

Wow, these are great pictures! Thanks for sharing Matt, and for writing a review. We appreciate it!

Please let us know if have any questions.

-- Best Regards
Noel | PMG | ProMediaGear | 708-263-4443

David Williams (Franklinton, US)
It’s awesomeness

I love the way the clamp locks down on the bracket, The size and weight are fantastic. It’s the best monopod I’ve ever owned.

Thanks for writing a review David, we’re glad you loved the monopod.
Let us know if you have any questions, or if you need further assistance.

J (Cavan, CA)
A monolithic monopod!

I recently purchased the PMG TR42ML Carbon Fiber Monopod and was gobsmacked when it arrived. This monopod is a beast (esp. when compared to my previous Sirui monopod) and feels sturdy but light. It's rock solid when fully extended but feels light as a feather. I'm over 6', so the additional length will be extremely helpful when shooting high or low. The PMG monopod wasn't much more than the Sirui, but the quality of the build and materials is significantly better. Even fully extended, there's no wobble (unlike the Sirui), and the monopod feels comfortable. The inclusion of an arca swiss mount has been extremely helpful and allows me to mount long lenses, or cameras with L-brackets without any fuss. I've currently mounted a Wimberley monogimbal, and the rig feels solid and comfortable. I'm looking forward to using the Monopod more; to selling my Sirui monopod; and investing in more PMG gear. PMG's gear is really well designed, well built and will stand the test of time and field conditions. Additionally, PMG's customer service is top notch!

Charles Glatzer (Hendersonville, US)
Outstanding build, fit and finish!

The TR42ML Carbon Fiber Monopod with Arca-Swiss Clamp is extremely well built, fit and finish is flawless. The 4L series may be a bit stronger and higher than most will ever need,
I am using an RF800F/5.6 or RF600 F/4 on all sorts of terrain, including deep snow where the extended length is welcome to put the gear at eye level. You may find the monopod head a welcome addition.

Chas Glatzer - Canon EOL

Mark St.Pierre (Brentwood, US)
Wow, I never thought it could be so good!

I’m a mechanical engineer working in the aerospace industry with intimate knowledge of the best hardware produced in the world. Not only would I put the PMG products up there with what I see daily being installed on spacecraft, but I’d say it is better than hardware costing 10x what you pay at PMG. The quality and workmanship is phenomenal, the fit & finish is equally top notch. The PMG machine shop does premium work like I’ve never seen. The PMG Customer Support support team is also great to work with. I’m replacing all my gear with PMG products immediately!