TR343L Pro-Stix Carbon Fiber Tripod | 3 Sections 59 inches height

$1,199.95 USD

Lightweight tripod for your next adventure!

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  • Max load capacity: 60 lbs
  • Max height: 59.3 inches
  • Minimum height: 3.8 inches
  • Folded length: 25.1 inches
  • Leg sections: 3
  • 3 Angle Adjustments - 24°/50°/84°
  • Weight: 3.9 lbs
  • 10x layer Carbon Fiber Legs
  • Twist turn locks
  • Rubber feet with built-in metal spikes
  • Interchangeable aluminum top plate
  • Standard 3/8-16 tripod mount
  • 1/4-20" accessory mounts
  • Six anti-twist pin slots
  • Made in the USA

The ProMediaGear TR343L Pro-Stix Carbon Fiber Tripod is a 3-section camera support with a 59.3-inches max height. It is designed to be a lightweight travel tripod for photographers and videographers.

The TR343L is the second smallest 34 Series carbon fiber tripod from ProMediaGear. It folds down to 25.1 inches or 64 cm. Plus, it only weighs 3.9 lbs or 1769 grams.

As a travel tripod, the TR343L is heavy-duty. ProMediaGear developed its 34mm legs with 10 layers of carbon fiber. Thus, it is lightweight and durable.

Moreover, the legs have 3 adjustable locking positions. As mentioned earlier, this heavy-duty tripod can go up to 59.3 inches. But, because of its adjustable legs, it can go down to 3.8 inches. That is with its legs set to the widest.

The adjustable legs allow for high-angle or low-angle shots. In addition, the twist locks make it easier to unfold and fold the tripod.

The ProMediaGear TR343L has a flat apex. But, it can be replaced with several accessories. For an instance, the ProMediaGear TRB3475 leveling head can replace the flat top.

The flat plate features a standard 3/8-16" mounting thread. It is compatible with ball heads, gimbal heads, and other camera accessories. Also, ProMediaGear included three 1/4-20" thread adapter ports for extra accessories.

Besides the mounting points, another neat feature is hidden on its feet. The TR343L tripod has built-in foot spikes. It is usable when shooting outdoors to keep the tripod planted. Yet, standard rubber feet are present for indoor shoots.

The ProMediaGear TR343L Pro-Stix carbon fiber tripod is perfect for travelers. Just like the other 34 Series tripods, it is lightweight and durable. Plus, it is easy to set up and carry without compromising safety.

ProMediaGear makes professional tripods in Tinley Park, Illinois, USA. Photographers and engineers worked for hand in hand to produce its products. As proof of durability, the TR343L tripod has a 5-year warranty.

Full Specifications
  • Leg Sections: 3 Long (34mm top leg diameter, 34mm-30mm-26mm)
  • Leg Material: 10x Layer Carbon Fiber
  • CNC Machined Apex: T6061 Aluminum
  • Mount: 3/8-16 (Flat Center Disk)
  • Mount Diameter: 2.70 in.
  • Max Height: 59.30 in. / 150 cm
  • Min Height: 3.80 in. / 9.70 cm
  • Folded Length: 25.10 in. / 64 cm
  • Weight: 3.90 lbs / 1769g
  • 3 Locking Leg Angle Positions
  • 3 Stainless Steel Spikes ($75 value included)
  • Max Load Capacity: 60 lbs.
10x layers of carbon fiber construction
different leg locking angles
modular apex setup
34 Series Tripod Comparison Chart

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the 34 Series and the 42 Series Tripods?

The ProMediaGear Pro-Stix tripods come in two series: the 34 series with 34mm top tubes and the 42 series with giant 42mm top tubes.

The 34 Series is designed for portability in mind without sacrificing load capacity.

Meanwhile, the 42 Series tripods are rated for heavier loads but at the expense of portability since they are larger to carry around.

Can I use a tripod head from other brands?

Yes, ProMediaGear tripods use standard tripod mounts so you can use any tripod head you want.

But, it's better to have a ProMediaGear tripod head with you for superior quality you can trust.

Will this tripod work in freezing temperatures?

Our tripods are heavily tested in extreme environments.

Whether it is under the extreme heat or freezing temperatures, rest assured that our tripods can handle any task.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Chris (Lexington Park, US)
Light-weight AND rock-solid support!

What more can you ask for from a tripod than having it be both light-weight, and a rock-solid base support for your camera? Yes, the price is a bit steep when you compare it to the rickety aluminum and modestly solid steel offerings from other companies, but like every other PMG product I have purchased (quite a lot of them), I am glad I made the buy! I paired my 34-series legs with a BH-1 ball head, and have used it both in my job (professional photographer here), and for my own personal use. I actually get excited when I have an assignment for work where I can use my new's THAT amazing. PMG products never disappoint. Keep up the amazing work PMG, I can't wait to see what new products you perfect next!

Thank you Chris, for taking the time to write your feedback! We're happy to hear that our tripod has become an essential tool in your photography journey. Your support and enthusiasm mean a lot to us. Stay tuned for more products from us– we're dedicated to continuously delivering top-notch products!

James Tucker (Chicago, US)
The best that money come by.

When I started out in Photography, I wasted a lot of money on inferior products. I wish I would’ve found Pro Media Gear years ago. Now, owning three of their tripods, I can honestly say the fit and finishes some of the best that I have ever seen.

Hello James, wow, thank you for writing a review and your great support with our products!

Criticalist (Seattle, US)
The Best There Is

After more than 60 man-hours of in-person and online research, including technical consultations with Tom at ProMediaGear, I purchased three of the TR343L tripods. One is for use as a tripod for a very heavy $4,500 Swarovski spotting scope that I do not want to tip over--no matter what. The 343L with a center column and ProMediaGear hi-hat (Legacy Model) topped with an Outdoorsmans Fluid Head allow standing spotting scope use for users 5' to 6' tall with ONLY one leg extension deployed. It is very easy to adjust the center column for different users. It is also extremely stable. Splay the legs and use the spotting scope seated for hours. Use the longest PMG PX plate you can fit to allow you to pull the spotting scope toward your eye to avoid fatigue from leaning forward. Remove the center column from the apex (6 screws) and install the flat platform, hi-hat and fluid head, and the tripod works perfectly for the prone position. On paper, ProMediaGear tripods are far superior to the other high-end options we all know about. In person, all three tripods were identical in fit, finish and build quality--measured with a micrometer and a very critical eye. This consistency proves that PMG has its program together.

Fred Schwab
Tripod perfection

In my opinion, the TR343L is the perfect balance of weight, strength, size and stability. It’s an excellent companion to my BH50 ball head. I was looking for a relatively light and compact tripod that didn't compromise on stability to replace my trusty old Manfrotto 3021BPRO. This tripod surpasses my expectations in every way. For starters: it’s lighter and substantially more stable than the old tripod. Interestingly, it’s more compact than the Manfrotto when collapsed, yet taller when fully extended. This is a 3-section tripod which I prefer over more sections, as there are fewer leg locks to monkey around with (a feature I liked on my Manfrotto as well). If you prefer a more compact tripod and the additional leg locks don’t bother you, the 4 section TR344 is a excellent choice. The locks for the leg angle took some getting used to (briefly). My old Manfrotto has some spring-loaded locks that I’ve grown accustomed to over many years of use. However, after using the PMG “sliding” locks for a while, I’ve found them to be intuitive, easy and fast to operate. The spiked feet included with this tripod (and all PMG tripods, I believe) are a welcome feature. There are ¼ 20 and 3/8 threaded holes in the apex which should prove useful. The build quality is incredible, like all PMG products. While I generally care more about function over form and PMG seems to nail that every time, I have to say I love PMG’s design aesthetic. The apex is a work of art (I ordered the red to match my BH50 – GORGEOUS!!), as is the tripod overall.

Luc Mena
the best tripod!

so where do i start...i have been using a Manfrotto 055cxpro3 for over 12 years and although it has served me well for all these years it started to show its i've been looking for a replacement but wanted something a little sturdier and overall stronger with a higher load rating.i was ready to purchase a Really Right Stuff tripod since i use their ball heads and i'm familiar with the brand and their reputation when i came across a few reviews of ProMediaGear...and i was intrigued to say the least.besides being a lot cheaper than Really Right stuff (the TVC33),it seamed stronger, better made, especially the apex, and came with integrated spike feet.after speaking with Tom at ProMediaGear i decided to take the plunge, and oh boy do i not regret it!!i the tripod has surpassed all my expectations!!from the packaging to the tripod itself it is the best tripod i have ever worked with!amazing build quality, super fast and smooth set up(i really like the machined aluminum twist locks) to the clever leg angle lock mechanism, it is such a pleasure to shoot with, not to mention super sturdy.i shot with it for the first time on a windy beach at sunset as the tide was coming in with no issues at all, also very easy to clean after an evening at the beach.very highly recommended !just try it out the company has a 30 day return policy and a 5 years warranty but i guarantee you will not want to return that tripod!