SS2P1 Quick Release Strap Plug Connector for DSLR and Mirrorless

SKU: SS2p1

Key Features

  • Push-button quick release strap plug
  • Attach or detach your strap in one second
  • Fits ProMediaGear SS2 Strap Port
  • Made of aircraft-grade aluminium and stainless steel
  • Compatible with camera straps with 1-inch webbing
  • Works with the Peak Design design camera straps
  • Made in the USA

ProMediaGear SS2P1 Quick Release Strap Plug Connector Overview

The ProMediaGear SS2P1 Quick Release Strap Plug Connector is perfect for ProMediaGear Arca-type camera bracket plates. It fits the bracket plates with a simple push of a button to attach and detach.

The SS2P1 strap plug helps save time and provides hassle-free shooting as the camera can lay by your side.

Another advantage of the SS2P1 is the flush camera mounting plate without any protrusion from the bottom.

This strap plug is made of aircraft-grade aluminum ensuring a lightweight yet extremely durable build quality. It supports heavy camera setups without any problems.

The SS2P1 is not compatible with QD strap ports.

SS2p1 Shoulder Camera System, Black Loop, Rapid Connector, Quick Thumb Release

SS2P1 Quick Release Adapter System
SS2P1 Quick Release Adapter

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Excellent Plug connector for Camera

Excellent Plug connector for Camera of excellent manufacture, excellent to combine with Peak Design pro camera strap, I can say that I am very happy.

Shane Nagle (Melbourne, AU)

Very strong. Clips in solidly and gives lots of assurance.

J (Cavan, CA)
SS2P1 Quick Release Strap Plug Connector is a game changer

The PMG SS2P1 plug and PBX3 quick plate are innovative and allow a quick and hassle-free switch from carrying a camera and long lens with a strap to a monopod or gimbal head. I can carry the heaviest of my gear safely in the confidence that the plug is secure and there's no weight on the camera mount because of the way the plug and plate work together. Switching from carrying the camera and lenses with a strap to a monopod, ballhead or gimbal head is a snap! Just press the button on the SS2P1 plug, the strap and plug detach from the PBX3 quick disconnect system, and I can attach the camera and lens to a ballhead, monopod or gimbal head as needed. When using the plug and camera strap, the connection is secure, and the camera and lens are well balanced and ready to shoot at a moment's notice when slung on a strap. A very innovative and game-changing design. Well built and really well designed.

Guy Perkins (Reno, US)
The SS2P1 helps make the Peak Design Slide Strap the best camera strap ever

This quick release mechanism of finely machined and absolutely reliable stainless steel goes a long way to making the Peak Design Slide, hands down, the best camera strap ever. I have complete confidence in the secure connection the SS2P1 makes between the strap and the camera. It perfectly fits into the PMG bracket plate that completes a fine marriage between two superior products. Thank you, PMG.

James Oh

This plug connector is very strong, simple, fast and easy to use and convenient and dependable. Ever since I tried one I never looked back to the other systems which I had used for the past five years for my cameras. I now have one each on my neck strap, shoulder strap and both left and right shoulder straps on my camera backpack. I replaced all the plates and L plates on my 5D4, 70D and 100-400mm long lens to apply this wonderful system.