SPDCL3 Peak Design Clutch Camera Hand Strap

$94.90 USD

Additional Note: If you already have a ProMediaGear camera plate, you may select the"SPDCL3 Strap Only" option. However, you also need to purchase the ProMediaGear PASL1 Strap Loop to be able to attach the CL-3 Strap to your existing bracket plate.

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  • Quick-connecting design
  • Easy to adjust
  • Works with cameras with or without battery grips
  • Includes an Arca-type Compatible QR plate

The ProMediaGear SPDCL3 Peak Design Clutch Camera Hand Strap is a combination of the Peak Design CL-3 Clutch and the ProMediaGear camera plates. It is a hand strap that quickly connects and disconnects to your camera using a Dyneema anchor and a tension clip.

The strap loops around the camera plate for a secure fit while the strap goes around your hand. It is easily adjustable with your non-shooting hand to ensure a tight fit. You may tighten it while walking and loosen it whenever you need to control your camera.

The included Arca-type plate is universal and fits the majority of camera tripod mounts. There are two options too. It comes with either an SS2 Strap Port or a QD Strap Port.

Once the plate is set, you only need to slide the anchor into the link to attach the strap and slide it out to detach. 

There is also a custom-design tension clip to attach the strap to the top loop of your camera. 

The strap can be adjusted from 18 to 29cm.

What's Included
  • CL-3 Clutch Hand Strap
  • 2 Anchors
  • Universal Plate (Depending on the variant selected)

Customer Reviews

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Wish I would have gotten this sooner! For forty years I have been wrapping the camera strap around my wrist to keep from dropping my camera should my grip relax. Of course that means constant readjustment. I try hard to protect my equipment and I don't like changing lenses I like to change cameras instead. So I reach for my Canon 5DmIV with Canon 24-70 lens, pulling it from its camera holster from my belt. I then wrap my camera strap around my wrist with the rest of the strap dangling in the way. Now I use the clutch strap I just pull out the camera and go to work. I can adjust it loose enough to easily function all the controls and tight enough that I can release my grip and it just hangs from my hand. If I need and adjustment it is very quick and easy. five minutes into using it for the first time I was kicking myself for not having one of these years ago.