QDP1 - QD Quick Release Plug Connector for Camera Straps or Carabiners

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  • Push-button quick-release universal strap plug
  • Attach or detach your strap in one second
  • Fits QD strap ports from ProMediaGear and other brands
  • Made of aircraft-grade aluminium and stainless steel
  • Compatible with camera straps with 1-inch webbing
  • Peak Design Tether Included
  • Max load capacity: 15lbs

The ProMediaGear QD Quick Release Strap Plug is the ultimate camera accessory for a more convenient, versatile, and secure system.

This is the ultimate accessory for your camera strap that lets you attach or detach it in one second with a simple push of a button.

The QD plug is compatible with any QD strap port from ProMediaGear and other brands, so you can use it with your existing strap or get a new one from our selection.

This plug also offers dual strap options for webbing or carabiner hooks, giving you more flexibility and convenience.

Whether you want to switch between different cameras or just adjust the length of your strap, the QD plug makes it easy and fast.

The QD plug is made of aircraft-grade aluminium and stainless steel, ensuring durability and reliability.

Here's another bonus! We are inluding a Peak Design Tether for every purchase of this QD strap plug.

Don't miss this opportunity to upgrade your camera strap with the ProMediaGear QD Quick release Strap plug. Order yours today and enjoy the benefits of quick and easy strap attachment!

What's Included
  • QD Strap Plug
  • Carabiner Attachment
  • Strap Attachment
  • Peak Design QR Safety Tether
  • Hex Wrench
Frequently Asked Questions

Is the ProMediaGear QD Strap Plug compatible with other brands?

Yes, our QD Strap Plug works with QD ports from other brands.

Will the QD Strap Plug work with SS2 Strap Ports?

Unfortunately, it will not work with SS2 Strap Ports due to the size difference.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Luke Pearson (San Jose, US)
Well made and designed

The timing of the creation of these couldn't be better for me. I'm a regular user of the QD attachments for my gear. While the standard types of QD releases were fine, they could be a little finicky to operate at times, particularly when wearing winter gloves. The ability to swap out the types of attachments meant that swapping out these for my old ones was super easy. I would have had to send my shoulder straps back to the maker to swap them out otherwise since the leather tether loops are riveted together. I haven't used the PD safety tethers only because the straps I use already have their own which you can see in the photo. I bought the four pack and swapped out all of my QD connecters for these ones. I couldn't be more pleased with them. They hold my Z9 + 400mm f/2.8 on one side and my Z8 + 70-200mm f/2.8 on the other securely and I have zero worries about a failure.

Thanks for sharing your experience! So glad to hear our QD attachments came in handy for you. We designed them to make swapping easy, and it sounds like they've delivered. Thanks again! Happy shooting!

Keith Moran (Fort Lauderdale, US)

Works like you want !

Bill Byrd (Washington, US)
The QDP1 - QD Quick Release Plug Connector for Camera Straps or Carabiners WORKS GREAT

At my request, PMG installed the QDP1 on a PMG camera strap that I owned. They installed it in the timeframe I requested, so I could use it on my upcoming trip. During the 14-day trip, the QDP1 was used 8 to 12 hours each day, while I walked/hiked/rested, periodically changing lenses, occasionally switching bodies during the day. The PMG camera strap is the most comfortable camera strap I own. The QDP1 proved itself to be secure, dependable, reliable, without attracting attention to itself in the travel-photography/street-photography environment I was working in. The Peak Design tether (included in the QDP1 kit) only added confidence, like wearing a belt and suspenders at the same time. I worked with the assurance that the camera wasn't going anywhere, even when I stopped holding the camera and let the camera hang by the QDP1. I have standardized my overall kit on the QDP1.

Dennis Fritsche (Plano, US)
Works when needed.

This QR plug is easy to operate when my hands are cold or I am wearing gloves. Others I have are so fussy I can't operate them in cold weather.

Hi Dennis,

Awesome to hear you're loving the new QD plug! Glad we're making things hassle-free for you. If you ever need gear talk or any tips, let us know!

All the best,
Noel | PMG Customer Service 

Alan Daniel (Plano, US)
Best QD connector solution

This is a perfect solution if you want to use a QD with your strap and camera. Quality machining and finish. Easy to add to an existing strap carabiner or directly to your strap. I replaced a RRS connector and it works much smoother. It cost more than RRS, but you will be thankful you spent more the first time you use it. I have already recommended to my friends.
Thanks for a great product.