PM501L 6-inch QR Plate with Arca-Swiss Clamp for Manfrotto

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Compatibility: 501PL / 502 / 504 / Nitro / RC3 / RC5 / NG Heads

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  • Compatible with the Manfrotto 501PL, 502, 504, Nitro, RC3, RC5, and NG Heads
  • 6-inches long
  • Convert Arca-clamp to Manfrotto Type 6
  • Made in the USA

The PM501L 6-inch Plate is a game changer for DSLR Videographers who shoot using Arca-Type Tripod Plates on the bottom of the camera.

Our plate allows you to lock your DSLR Camera onto a popular type video tripod such as the Manfrotto 501PL / 502 / Nitro / RC3 / RC5 / NG Heads and the Gitzo G2380 Video Head while using an Arca-Type Plate!

Now get flawless pans and tilts without fumbling with your Arca-Type Ball Head or stacking additional clamps.

The entire line-up of ProMediaGear Video Plates are precision CNC machined in our factory located in Tinley Park, IL USA.

Made in the USA by photographers for photographers!

We pride ourselves in being experienced photography professionals and design gear we would use.

There's nothing more important than our customers' satisfaction.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Bryan Pollock (Johnsonville, NZ)
Accessories fror my Nikon Z9

Recently purchased thePLNZ9 L bracket and plate PM501L to fit on my Manfrotto 502 Tripod, along with the boomerang flash bracket BBGv2, and A10 cable protector.
All these products are of superior quality and hold my camera, flash and cables perfectly in place with no movement , allowing me to concentrate on my macro, landscape and event photography.

Gary Mitchell (Bessemer, US)
Needed this years ago.

For years I have wanted to have this ability. Thanks PMG.

Larry Powell (Grove City, US)
Does not fit older 501 fluid head

I bought a 501 head many years ago (1970s) . It is an arca system but is about 2 inches wide. This product is described as Manfrotto 501 compatible. It might fit a newer 501 but I strongly suggest looking at specs before ordering this. I found a work around for what I want to accomplish but I am disappointed in this description. What's up???

Bob Hullinger

Safety alert. This plate is not the same design as the OEM plates. The Manfrotto safety stop release system does not work properly with the PM501L due to the safety stop catch on the PM501L plate being located improperly the head by 3/4 of an inch. The safety stop on the PM501L is not the same as the OEM Manfrotto plates by about 3/4 of an inch of difference in safety stop location so the PM501L plate can travel farther to the rear and beyond the clamp guides and jump over the safety stop if one uses this plate the same way he uses the properly designed Manfrotto plate. The PM501L plate is great but be forewarned that the safety latch stop is not designed the same as Manfrottos and can allow the plate and anything attached to it to come out of the Manfrotto head without using the safety release button on the head. They are not the same and the PM501L simply does not function as efectively with the Manfrotto head safety release feature. I like mine and it's easy to make them safe in the Manfrotto head. Any number of things can be super glued or two sided taped in the proper location for the plate stop to function with the Manfrotto safety system. I put a rubber drawer stop on mine where the stop is located on my Manfrotto OEM plate and it seems to be adhering fine to the plate and the plate stays down in the clamp properly now. Other than that this is a really nice tool.

Another Time Saver

Have the short version (PM501) for an older Manfrotto fluid head. After getting the Nitrotech that uses a longer plate, it was a nice surprise that the PM501 worked in it, but its not designed for that purpose. This PM501L longer plate gives a bit more flexibility with balancing and safety. Build quality is great just like the PM501. Really identical, just longer. Dimensions are perfectly matched to the Manfrotto long plate. Works great! It really does save a bit of time- not having to mount an Arca plate to the Manfrotto plate - and yet another area for a potential loose connection.