PLX3T Universal Arca-Swiss L-Bracket for DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras with Articulating LCD screens

$129.95 USD

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  • Two-piece design
  • For DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras with Articulating LCD screens
  • Arca-Swiss compatible
  • Extendable vertical plate
  • Accessible cable ports
  • Four safety stops included
  • Detachable strap loop
  • Made of aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Built-in magnetic Allen wrench storage
  • Made in the USA
  • 5-year warranty
What's Included
  • L-Bracket
  • Removable Strap Loop
  • Allen Wrenches (5/32" & 1/16")
Full Specifications
  • Weight: 12 ounces 340 grams
  • Dimensions: 4.1 x 1.5 x 4.2 in (104 x 38 x 107 mm)

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
David Hunter (Sydney, AU)
Quality L-Brackets!

I have used a variety of L-Brackets on Nikon, Fuji, Canon and Hasselblad and while they have "done their job" they all suffered various annoyances and quality issues and the 'L' side becoming loose being the main problem. So much so I could not trust them and had to remove them.

So I am very pleased to recount that the ProMediaGear L brackets PLCR56 for my R5 and PLX3T universal for my X1Dii are very robust and accommodating for access to ports and easy full use of the articulating screen. For portrait orientation the brackets are very sturdy and rigid enough that vibration at this point is a non issue. Also they don't come loose!

An unexpected bonus is the convenience of being able to use the left side of the bracket as an additional hand grip. It even feels nice and smooth like it was made for that. Just love it!!!

David A (Katy, US)
More than just for flippy screens

This offset design is great. Yes, it leaves plenty of clearance for a flip out screen, but it also makes it really easy to get to the camera ports. An added bonus is how well it works as a left side handle. The forward offset leaves plenty of room for fingers and improves the overall balance when I have a heavy flash on a Boomerang bolted to the other side of the camera plate. But wait, there's more--the cold shoe is just right for mounting a remote trigger out of the way. Did I mention it also works well as an L-bracket? :-)

Linda Cook (Boston, US)
Great products!

I couldn't be more happy with this purchase. It is well made, fits perfectly, sturdy, and having the Left side bracket "handle" is very useful for steady hand-held shots.
I purchased a couple of L-brackets before, and it was always difficult to access side ports, and screen articulation issues. Pro Media Gear's L-brackets actually allow for full display screen articulation and the bracket does not cover or impede any camera buttons or ports. I am using the PLX3T on my Canon Ra and the PLCR56S on my Canon R5. Both fit perfectly.

Hi Linda,

Thanks for sharing your awesome thoughts on our PLX3T L-Bracket!

I totally get you on the struggle with other L-brackets - accessing ports and dealing with screen articulation can be a pain. It's great to know ours gives you full display screen flexibility.

We're all about making sturdy and functional gear, so knowing it's met your needs is a big win for us.

All the best,
Noel | PMG Customer Service

R.G. (Phoenix, US)
Perfect fit

Bought this for my R5, already have one my R6 these brackets fit like charm. Don’t hesitate just get one for your Canon gear you won’t regret it.

Anke de Groot (Utrecht, NL)
Perfect for Canon R6

I had been struggling to find an L-bracket without loosing the free movement of the flipping screen. This L-bracket is the only one that allows free movement (as far as I have discovered). I also find it very convenient to hold on to; it provides a sturdy grip on the left hand side of the camera. I have small hands, so my fingers don’t get caught. It has many opportunities to attach other gear, both on the bottom as on the side. The quality of the product seems very good. Downside: it adds quite some weight to the camera and it’s quite bulky in the camera bag. I ordered it on a Tuesday and it arrived in the Netherlands on Friday morning! That is insanely fast! I was surprised though that I had to pay 50 euros tax/import fee in cash to the UPS driver (since no taxes were paid in the USA during the ordering process). I would liked to have known this in advance, as this is quite a lot of money. Paying with card was not possible according to the driver, only cash. That seemed quite strange to me. All in all very happy with my purchase. It is my first L-bracket and I enjoy the convenience of it every day I am shooting. I highly recommend it. I also bought the C60 Arca Swiss compatible quick release clamp. Very happy with the combination of the two.