PLSA74 Arca-Swiss L-Bracket for Sony Alpha A7R IV and Sony A9 II


Key Features

  • Custom-fit L-Bracket for the Sony A7R IV and Sony A9 II
  • Captive 1/4-20"camera mounting screw
  • Integrated magnetic Allen wrench storage
  • Vertical and horizontal safety stops
  • Arca-Swiss compatible
  • Unobstructed LCD access
  • Easy battery access
  • Precise centering lines for easy panorama shooting
  • Made of Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Extra 1/4-20" mounts for straps and other accessories
  • Integrated QR strap ports for ProMediaGear straps
  • Sliding vertical piece for easy port access
  • Compatible with the ProMediaGear A10 cable port protector
  • Made in the USA

PLSA74 Arca-Swiss L-Bracket for Sony A7R IV and Sony A9 II Overview

The ProMediaGear PLSA74 Arca-Swiss L-Bracket for Sony A7R IV and Sony A9 II is made of CNC machined aluminum. It is durable, lightweight, and fits both camera models perfectly.

This L-bracket allows for quick changes from portrait to landscape orientations. The camera position does not alter the composition drastically. Instead, you can adjust your composition without moving the tripod head. 

Moreover, the PLSA74 fits all Arca-Swiss compatible clamps. Yes, other brands included. This makes it an excellent choice as an L-bracket for your Sony camera.

In addition, this ProMediaGear L-bracket has a sliding vertical piece for quick side port access. Other models block the cable ports. But, ProMediaGear designed this bracket for quick port access. Also, you may still access the battery port easily.

ProMediaGear added tons of extra features too. There are precise centering lines for panoramas. Then, if you have lots of accessories, the extra 1/4-20" mounts are perfect. Plus, this bracket even has an integrated magnetic Allen wrench storage.

Lastly, you may add the ProMediaGear A10 port protector for added security. This prevents the cable from getting removed while in use. This is helpful when the camera is stable and tethered.

If you are looking for a  Sony A7R IV and Sony A9 II L-bracket then look no further. The ProMediaGear PLSA74 L-bracket has everything that you need. It is durable, lightweight, and custom-fitted for both models. Ultimately, you get a 5-year warranty too!

What's Included:

  • L-Bracket
  • Removable strap loop
  • Allen wrench 5/32 inch, for camera mounting, and other for stop screws.

Compatible with:

  • Arca-Swiss
  • Kirk
  • Markins
  • Really Right Stuff
  • Wimberley
  • Height:  3.35 Inches (85 mm)
  • Width:  4.25 Inches (108 mm)
  • Depth:  1.50 Inches (39 mm)
  • Rotation  90°
  • Weight:  6.1 oz - 174 grams
  • Mount Thread: 1/4-20 with 5/32 inch Hex Screw
  • Patent Pending
  • Arca Swiss Type Dovetail
L-bracket for Sony A7r mark IVL-bracket for Sony A7r mark IV

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Anonymous (Seattle, US)
    Mixed feelings

    Ok first of all the dovetails are very close tolerance. Meaning that minimal change in screw rotation for a 90 deg rotation of the camera. Or if you have a quick change it will lock in place without an issue between rotations. That is a very good thing if you are as lazy as I am.

    My mixed feelings come from the bad machining tolerance on the dowels that expand the upright portion for clearance. The one I received is very bounce and only with messing with it a lot did I get it to lock in place properly, but only in the shallowest clearance configuration. Its really a bad engineering design in my professional opinion. Given that the design requires closer tolerancing in the manufacturing arena in order to function correctly. My decision to keep it has been made for the first part I wrote. My use case does not require the wire clearance factor. In fact if this company made a fixed L-bracket for the A7R4 I would exchange it for that one.

    In conclusion if your going to use this for all of its intended use purposes ide look for another l-bracket. But if your only going to use it locked in minimum clearance form you wont be upset. Dovetails on both rails are machined to a thickness +- .003 on the one I received. That's really nice if you have to rotate that camera often like I do.

    Jack E. Sisk (Turlock, US)
    PMG 'L' brackets quality and compatibility.

    These are very well-made L-Plates along with all PMG products. Many accessories, including cold shoe products, are compatible with all their brackets.
    I switched from Chinese brackets to all my Sony cameras, A1, a7vi, a7r4, a6600, and my RX100vii. This allows me to use all PMG accessories on any of the
    cameras as needed. Great products and wonderful service.

    Jeff Waker (Lexington, US)
    Highly recommended!

    This is one piece of gear you can quickly install and forget it. Well designed and rock sold. I’ve had other brackets you have to carry a tool with you just to keep it tight. I appreciate the ability to adjust the vertical standard to make access to the side ports of the camera easy.

    Ellis Vener (Atlanta, US)
    More versatile than most L- playe brackets and fits like a glove

    I have used Arca-Swiss quick release plates and L brackets from every major and quite a few minor manufacturers since the mid 1990s. I now use PMG products exclusively. They aren’t paying me or giving me free gear to say nice things about them but I chose PMG because of fit, finish, versatility, and price point.


    Excellent no faults.