PLNZ67 L-Bracket plate for Nikon Z6 and Z7 Arca Swiss type

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  • Works with Both Nikon Z6 and Z7, and also with FTZ adapter
  • Two piece design; the vertical piece allows for the use of just the base plate
  • Two safety stops in vertical and horizontal surfaces
  • Slide out mechanism, with hardened steel rods allow extending of the vertical plate for ease of use with cables or finding the center point of the image.
  • Compatible with Arca-Swiss style tripods, mono-pods etc.
  • Easy battery access
  • Built in Allen Wrench Storage
  • Machined aircraft aluminum construction using CNC precision machines
  • 5-year warranty
  • Made in the USA

L-Brackets or L-Plates allow for fast changes between portrait and landscape orientations, without the need of tripod head readjustment and re-composition. You simply release the bracket from your tripod head, flip it 90 degrees mounting it back into the tripod head. Compatible with Arca-Swiss type standards from all major manufacturers.

Benefits or mounting on vertical side facilitate a more stable platform than using ball head alone to tilt 90 degrees, as the camera mounts directly over center of tripod apex.

The L- Bracket has been machined from solid Aluminum T6061 block and black anodized for scratch resistant finish. The main feature of this L-Bracket is its two piece design; the vertical piece of the L-Bracket can be extended to allow cable connection (cable connections are also possible without extending). Custom fitting to the Nikon Z6 & Z7 and even the FTZ adapter ensures that the L-Plate mounts securely eliminating any play or twisting of the plate when mounted on the tripod.

What's Included
  • L-Bracket
  • Allen Wrenches (5/32" & 1/16")

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
A perfect right angle bracket and very sturdy in use during my night cityscapes

Exceptional quality & craftsmanship. The PLNZ67 is a customized fit to my Nikon Z 6 body, which eliminates twisting & allows quick orientation from horizontal to vertical positioning on my Arca-Swiss compatible ball head attached to a tripod. It's lightweight yet strong and fits my Nikon Z 6 and ball head perfectly. You can even attach ProMediaGear's BBX Boomerang Flash Bracket to the bottom plate, which is great so I now I can swap the Boomerang between this body and my Nikon D850 (which also is attached to a ProMediaGear plate). The bottom of the plate offers a port for PMG's Quick Release Plug (much better than the QD Connect system. It's secure & operation is smooth and positive and will use it with my Hold Fast Gear straps) and there's a built-in slot for magnetic storage of the supplied Allen wrench. The PLNZ67's vertical bracket allows clear access to port doors on the left, as well as protect any cables or adapters attached to them. It even protects my Nikon WR-R10 adapter when inserted in the bottom DC2 port. You can even slide the "L" out if you need more room for thick tethered cables. I can also confirm that this L-Bracket does NOT interfere with the FTZ adapter mounted on the body. You can remove the FTZ without first removing the camera from the tripod. You can also attach the L-Bracket to the FTZ, if desired. Access to battery compartment is also confirmed. This L-Bracket's finish is beautiful, mechanisms are fully functional, a perfect right angle bracket and very sturdy in use during my night cityscapes. In my opinion, this is the best premium L-Bracket yet made for the Nikon Z 6 / Z 7. Recommended.

Fred S. (Beaverton, US)
The best L brackets made!

I have 6 PMG L brackets for my Z5, D850 and D500, two for each camera (one each used with battery pack/vertical grips and one each without). That alone should say something. They are all very solid, precisely machined to PMG's very high standards. They fit my cameras perfectly and I love the built-in features: 1) magnetic storage for the allen wrench. 2) the slide out portion makes it even easier to access ports and position the camera vertically without interference from cables. I index marked the 2 rods with a silver pen so I can quickly and consistently reposition the upright portion of the bracket. 3) strap loops compatible with traditional straps and quick release designs, including Peak's wonderful straps. 4) QD/SSP strap ports making these even more versatile. PMG's L brackets are the first accessory I buy with every new camera.

QIAN ZHU (Chicago, US)
Very easy to use

Cool tool

Paul Blais
Great choice

I need an L Bracket for my Z 6 II that can open up pretty wide for tethered shoots even in Portrait. It opens wider than a Really Right Stuff Bracket. The materials are solid and the machining precise. I have another one for a Nikon D500 - With the Battery Grip attached. At the time PMG was the only one. The twin Stainless Steel rods for the extension allows a wider opening and a stronger no flex connection at full extension.

Nikon Z6 L-Bracket

Excellent, solid, custom fit and finish to the Nikon Z6 body. Love the fact that it can be used on the Z6 body and easily moved to the FTZ adapter too. No issues with interference with the various ports or buttons...just loosen two hex head screws on the bottom of the plate and move the vertical plate out of the way. The allen key is secured in the vertical plate and held captive by a magnet and is visible at all times. The QD mount feature has positive and solid engagement to the bracket too with 4 ball bearing detents. I chose this L-Plate over the Smallrig, Kirk, and Really Right Stuff solutions.