PLND5x Arca-Swiss L-Bracket for Nikon D5/D6/D4/D3 Series

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  • Two-piece design
  • Fits the Nikon D5, D6, D4, D3, D3x, and D3s camera body
  • Arca-Swiss compatible
  • Two safety stops on vertical and horizontal surfaces
  • A slide-out mechanism for cable access
  • Easy battery access
  • Built-in Allen wrench storage
  • Made of aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Black scratch-resistant anodized finish
  • Made in the USA
  • 5-year warranty

The ProMediaGear PLNDD5x L-Bracket for Nikon D5, D6, D4, D3, D3x, and D3s is made of aircraft-grade CNC machined aluminum. It fits the bottom of the camera precisely and is made of two parts.

The two-piece design is made so that the camera ports will remain accessible. The battery compartment is also free from any obstruction.

The PLND5x is Arca-swiss compatible. This means it will work with any Arca-compatible clamps from other brands too.

Other features include extra safety stops, built-in allen wrench storage, and a detachable design. If ever you do not need the vertical part, you can just unscrew it and leave the base plate attached.

The PLND5x comes with a 5-year warranty so get yours today and shoot without worries.

What's Included
  • L-Bracket
  • Removable Strap Loop
  • Allen Wrenches (5/32" & 1/16") for camera mounting and safety screws

Customer Reviews

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Luca Mariz (Rome, IT)
PLND5x L-Bracket, Nikon D6, D5, D4, D3, D3x, D3s Arca-Swiss Type (L-Plate)

I bought this bracket as a replacement to the universal base I hade before, which, no matter how tight I tried to secure to D3s' body, did not prevent the camera to slide, even with normal zoom attached. What I wanted was a solid grip, the ability to switch from panorama to portrait maintaining the ball head levelled, and a better portability, by attaching the camera to a Blackrapid double strip with a SS2P2 Retrofit Quick Release Plug Adapter for Camera Shoulder Straps.
while the base (PBND5) did just require to align the mounting screw to firmly secure the camera, preventing ANY movement, the vertical unit needed a small adjustment to fit perfectly to the camera; not that as is comes from the box the bracket doesn't work, but the gap between the vertical plate and the camera (less than half an inch) was something I did want. Honestly, it did take half an hour, some patience and a Dremel to rework the upper indentation to make space for the camera's eyelet. I am more than happy, and I recommend this bracket for D3s owners, some of them will maybe decide to keep it as it comes (after all, it works just fine), while others may want to rework the vertical plate to make it perfectly suited for the camera, eliminating event the slightest movement, for the best results.

Peter Wachter

I recently got back into film photography using a Nikon F5. I've used PMG L brackets and flash brackets on my digital Nikons and wanted to set up the F5 the same way. Unfortunately, L brackets are not available for older cameras. Working with the guys at PMG, we came up with a solution using the PBX3 Universal Bracket Plate and the L portion of the PLND5x L-Bracket for the D5. I was apprehensive about the PBX3 twisting on the camera base. So far is shows no signs of twisting. The D5 part is a little long but works well. If I was doing this again I might have selected the D850 L bracket instead of the D5. All in all I am very happy with the outcome and may thanks to PMG for helping. Great products and a great organization.

Wayne E Woodard

Perfect!! the fit and finish are spot on and could not be happier. Now with the PLND5x-L I can easily go from vertical to horizontal in a flash on my Z6 as with my other Nikon bodies. You'll be happy with this addition.


An excellent product that performs as described and is well-built. The design is less bulky than competing models from other brands and the ergonomics of the vertical grip on the camera remains great even with the bracket attached.

Mike Reed

Packaging , presentation ,build is perfect...... if only for a slot drilled to store the Hex Key