PLND500 Arca-Swiss L-Bracket for Nikon D500

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Fred Schwab (Beaverton, US)
My favorite L brackets, ever

I have 6 PMG L brackets for my Z5, D850 and D500, two for each camera (one each used with battery pack/vertical grips and one each without). That alone should say something. They are all very solid, precisely machined to PMG's very high standards. They fit my cameras perfectly and I love the built-in features: 1) magnetic storage for the allen wrench. 2) the slide out portion makes it even easier to access ports and position the camera vertically without interference from cables. I index marked the 2 rods with a silver pen so I can quickly and consistently reposition the upright portion of the bracket. 3) strap loops compatible with traditional straps and quick release designs, including Peak's wonderful straps. 4) QD/SSP strap ports making these even more versatile. PMG's L brackets are the first accessory I buy with every new camera.

Bob T. (Clarksville, US)
Practical, Magnificent, Great!

My first time owning a PMG product. It is made better than expected, even after a friend suggested I check them out. He bought their stuff when PMG was just getting started.

The base plate has a nub sticking up from the plate to positively locate it and prevent rotation. It's almost motionless before tightening the screw! Other plates rely on the force of the screw and maybe some rubber. This plate is designed way better!

The vertical bracket comes with an Allen wrench to adjust it. I found one of my wrenches that's a little longer and dropped it into the through-hole, allowing the small magnet to hold it in place. I've been out shooting birds and the wrench is still there.

The only thing that bothers me as a perfectionist, and it's exceedingly minor, is that the 2 adjusting screws in the base plate for the vertical bracket extension rods, push on one and pull on the other when tightening. It really makes no difference in the real world, but in my mind I'm imagining a skewed bracket from the uneven forces. I'm sure it'll never make a difference, though.

The strap loop comes as a separate piece, with screws. I can't use it on my D500 because Nikon decided to place the battery door horizontal to the body, not vertical. That loop goes right over the door. That's okay, though. I already have a cushioned aftermarket strap that I transferred from my D600 before selling it.

I am waiting for another D500 to become available. When it does, I'll order another bracket like this, and I'll be in hog heaven, just like I am now.