PLH1D Arca-swiss L-Bracket for Hasselblad x1D II Medium Format Camera

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Bob Steuwer (Atascadero, US)

Very good.

Charles Kronauer (New York, US)
Great support for an X2D

This L bracket is just what I needed. Not only does it perfectly support the camera in horizontal and vertical modes, on a tripod with the Arca Swiss base plate, it serves as an excellent left hand grip. In the field that is especially useful so you can relieve your right arm from holding it all the time. Its great two-handed support for when you have an on camera flash.

Jamshed Qureshi (McKinney, US)
L Bracket - Perfect for Hasselblad X2D

I took a chance on this L Bracket for my X2D (first-time Hasselblad User). The Plate fits perfectly, I couldn't be happier. I have been using ProMedtia Gear for few years. The product is top class, you won't find better accessories anywhere else.

Thanks, PMG

Brent Stirton (Ventura, US)
L Plate for Hasselblad X2D

This is a professional L Plate that filled an immediate need for me when nothing else was available on the market. I was expecting to use this temporarily until RRS built a bracket but actually I really like this one. It's precise, well machined, light-weight and it instills confidence in the hand. It also has the dual function of providing another grip on the Hasselblad X2d, which I am finding is helping to stabilize my hand-held shooting. This plate provides easy access to the connections on the camera and does not interfere with the battery access at all. The cold shoe is also likely to be helpful at some point, most likely for a go-pro or similar. It does all this at half the price RRS is likely to charge when they eventually get around to making an L bracket for this camera.

Tom Riggs (Painted Post, US)
Fits the X2D

I have a ProMediaGear L bracket on my Canon R5 and Hasselblad X1D-II. These allow for horizontal and vertical orientation of the camera on the tripod with the benefit of an additional grip for the left hand when hand holding. I tested the L brace from the X1D-II on the X2D and it fit fine so I ordered one for that camera too. It fits a little close because the X2D is slightly bigger but the access doors on the side open fine. I can also weave/loop the tether cable through the bracket openings to keep the connection secure. I like the added protection the bracket offers when handling the camera in and out of the case so I leave it on in spite of the weight addition. After a day of shooting a wedding, the left side L has become a handle I rely on to balance the camera. Slight interference when changing lenses but I don't do that often. This new bracket has a Matt finish, the first one has a gloss finish. The gloss finish feels better in my hands. I put a pieces of 3M Safety-Walk slip resistant adhesive backed tape on the base to avoid metal-to-metal contact with the camera body. Excellent product - should outlast the camera.