PLCR56 L-Bracket Plate for Canon EOS R5 & R6 Mirrorless Camera


ProMediaGear PLCR56 features

    PLCR56 L-Bracket for Canon EOS R5 and R6 Overview

    The ProMediaGear PLCR56 L-Bracket for Canon EOS R5 and R6 is made of CNC machined aluminum. It is durable, lightweight, and fits both camera models perfectly.

    This L-bracket allows for quick changes from portrait to landscape orientations. The camera position does not alter the composition drastically. Instead, you can adjust your composition without moving the tripod head. Furthermore, the offset allows the full articulation of the LCD screen.

    Moreover, the PLCR56 fits all Arca-Swiss compatible clamps. Yes, other brands included. This makes it an excellent choice as an L-bracket for your Canon R5 or R6.

    In addition, this ProMediaGear L-bracket has a sliding vertical piece for quick side port access. Other models block the cable ports. But, ProMediaGear designed this bracket for quick port access. Also, you may still access the battery port easily.

    ProMediaGear added tons of extra features too. There are precise centering lines for panoramas. Then, if you have lots of accessories, the extra 1/4-20" mounts are perfect. Plus, this bracket even has an integrated magnetic Allen wrench storage.

    Lastly, you may add the ProMediaGear A10 port protector for added security. This prevents the cable from getting removed while in use. This is helpful when the camera is stable and tethered.

    If you are looking for a Canon R5 or R6 L-bracket then look no further. The ProMediaGear PLCR56 L-bracket has everything that you need. It is durable, lightweight, and custom-fitted for both models. Ultimately, you get a 5-year warranty too!

    What's Included:

    • L-Bracket
    • Removable strap loop
    • Allen wrench 5/32 inch, for camera mounting, and other for stop screws.

    Customer Reviews

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    Charles (Versailles, FR)
    Great quality, but too expensive for european customers (price +50%)

    I do enjoy PromediaGear products, but I can't find most products in France. So I must pay huge taxes when I buy in the US and I must sometimes find alternatives with other brands.
    PromediaGear should developp partnerships with European resellers to make products available and affordable. With shipping + custom taxes, I paid 50% more than the US price. That's not fair for european customers.

    Hi Charles,

    Thank you for writing a review, and for sharing your suggestions.
    We actually have resellers in Europe, specifically in France, we have Reidl Imaging. You can contact them, but we can't guarantee that they have PMG products available all the time. You can also check their website by clicking the link below:
    France - Reidl Imaging

    Again, thank you for your time writing a review. Let us know if you have any questions.

    Thank you,
    Noel | PMG Customer Service

    Glenn T. Hudson (Huntington Station, US)
    Best overall L-Bracket for an R5

    I consider the PLCR56 the best overall L-Bracket for and Canon EOS R5 or R6 for a couple of reasons. First, it's unique offset design allows for full screen articulation without the concern of screen damage that can easily with all other designs I'm aware of, including those from highly regarded manufacturers. The build quality is exceptional. That said, from my perspective, this design is also not without its own caveats. The first being the inability to use the Canon wired remote shutter cable without the bracket slide in an extended position. Since an L-Bracket is always installed on my camera, this extension makes the combination impossible to store in my backpack when permanently extended. I solved this issue by purchasing a Canon BR-E1 wireless remote. Also, while less of an issue, the offset can cause a problem for those doing stitched panoramic images. Because of the difference in position between the landscape and portrait orientations of the bracket, the desired rotation around the lens pupil entry(nodal) point will be different. All this means is that you will need to do the typical tests for both positions separately to find the correct rotational point that gets rid of an parallax issues when the camera is mounted on a nodal rail while this L-Bracket is being used. Everything considered, I still feel this is the best choice available in and R5/6 L-Bracket.

    Anonymous (Braintree, US)
    Worth the money

    I did a lot of research before purchasing my first L bracket. Simply put, I doubt I will need another one. The build quality is sound and the QD socket works flawlessly.

    Robert Molloy (Riverside, US)
    ProMediaGear Quality

    This is a solid piece of well-fitting engineering. Yes, you can get a much cheaper, Chinese L bracket, but you get what you pay for. The ProMediaGear bracket allows for complete, risk-free articulation of the LCD screen. The R5 is the most expensive camera I have ever owned. I just couldn't bring myself to put a cheap accessory on it.

    Colleen Meehan (Elmhurst, US)
    Well designed for mirrorless camera with rotating LCD

    Upgraded to EOS R6 and wanted L bracket so could use in landscape shootings. Ordered one only to find out that it did not work the LCD screen unless you did some fancy work & even then only rotated partially. Went looking on YouTube for other options and found out that ONLY ProMediaGear was making one that would work with the LCD screen. So returned other & ordered. It is well made and extra bonus is the horseshoe on it to hold my wireless charger or flash. I also ended up getting whole new tripod set up with ballhead. All the products are well designed & built to high specs.