PBCBGE22r56 Canon R5 & R6 Battery Grip Arca-Swiss type Plate For Flash Brackets, L-Brackets, Handles, Straps

$49.95 USD

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  • Custom Anti-Twist Fit for Canon EOS R5 and R6 Mirrorless Cameras with Battery Grip BG-R10
  • Precision CNC Machined Aluminum T6067
  • Compatible with Flash Brackets, Handles, L-Brackets
  • SS2 Port for Camera Strap System
  • Safety Stop Screws (removable)
  • 1/4"-20 Thread for accessories (such as straps, QR plates etc)
  • Made in USA
  • 5-Year Warranty
What's Included
  • Bracket Plate
  • Allen Wrenches (5/32" & 1/16")
  • Captive Mounting Screw
  • Removable Safety Stops
Full Specifications
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 1.5 oz (45grams)
  • 100% made, designed and assembled in the USA

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Marc V (Casteren, NL)
Perfect fit

Perfect fit on the BG-R10 grip. There's no way that this plate can twist while mounted.
The PMG plate + PASL3 Bracket Plate Adapter together are much slimmer than the combination of my Spyder plate + Peak Design tripod plate. The Spyder+PD combination was thicker but also not sturdy at all, there are no twist lock pins between them.
I had some concerns that the PMG plate would not fit properly on my Peak Design tripod. On this tripod, not all arca plates fit well. PMG assured me by email that it would fit and they were right.
I also ordered the "SS2P2 Retrofit Quick Release Plug Adapter for Camera Shoulder Straps". If fits really well to the plate and feels very secure. I would like an SSP2 socket on a different position on the PASL3 though, but will explain that in the review for the PASL3.
100% happy! :-)
Ordered from the PMG website and had to pay a substantial amount of import tax (Netherlands). Make sure you take that into account.

David Tucker (Beverly, US)

Great design and beautifully crafted piece of kit!

Robb Hawks (St. Cloud, US)
Single best camera accessory I own!

I have a complete camera carry strap set up for all of cameras. This is the 3rd I have purchased. The quick disconnect is the bomb! The shoulder strap has two disconnects allowing the shoulder pad to be removed. I have matching quick connects on the shoulder straps of my Lowelpro bag enabling me to attached the strap directly to my shoulder straps. Now, all the weight of the camera, 100-400 zoom, etc is transferred to my shoulders. This makes all day shoots doable for an old fat man. Since all of my tripods have Arca-Swiss mounts, its a quick disconnect at the plate, and I am in business. I also have a small Arca-Swiss on my Canon 100-400.

I have these plates on a Canon 5DsR, a fully rigged BlackMagic 6K, and now on my Canon R5. It works flawlessly on all three.

Eric Clarke (Chicago, US)

This fits the both the camera and my hand perfectly, I love the ergonomics of its design and I completely trust the security of it when attached to the camera.

Pieter Lechner (Medford, US)
Fits perfectly

There are times I want to carry my R5 with the battery grip for some handheld shots and it's heavy enough that it can get uncomfortable. This solves that problem perfectly. I can now carry it with my lumalabs QD Loop strap. And it's low profile so I can even take vertical shots. And take the strap off and mount the camera on a tripod and for vertical shots rotate the ball head. An L-Bracket is an option but much more uncomfortable for a handheld verticals. It's very well made and will likely outlast the camera.