PBC5D4 Arca-Swiss Bracket Plate for Canon 5D Mark IV

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Customer Reviews

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Richard Prull (Greenville, US)
Solid Tripod Plate

Seems to be very well made. Fits perfectly on my Canon Mk4.

Rick Ciaburri (Cheshire, US)
solid fit

As much as I hate spending money on a new plate every time I upgrade my camera, I appreciate the great fit and correct alignment, every time. I have two plates in a drawer that I'll never use again.

jeff Birmingham
Very happy customer

These are great arca swiss plates they fit your camera like a glove ONLY WAY TO GO!!!!!! Plus its built like a tank by the best company around!!! Don't waist your money on other want to be buy the best and be happy!!!!!!

Dattatreya M S
Program Director

I must acknowledge the fact that Tony Papa painstakingly spent a lot of time helping me choose the right accessories I need for my camera and lens. Thanks to him, I am very happy withe how these perform. I also purchase the Tilt head from B&H. It worked right the first time I used it. I find that all these equipment/accessories are so carefully engineering that they will stay with you for a lifetime. However, I feel Promedia must try and enhance their presence in the Asian sub-continent so that many more can experience quality products that is so hard to find. However, Promedia has the most responsive people who go to any extent to help you make the right choices.


Excellent quality. Perfect fit.