PASL3 Bracket Plate Adapter for Straps or Camera Carrying Devices

$24.50 USD

Quick Note: SS2 system has been discontinued. No returns will be accepted. Limited support is offered.

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  • Extra connection for camera straps or connectors
  • Opens up the bottom of camera plate for tripod mounting
  • Oversized loop for handstrap attachment
  • Made in the USA

The ProMediaGear PASL3 adapter can be attached to the side of our Bracket Plates, it combines an integrated port for SS2 straps and 1/4-20 thread for attaching third party adapters.

Main uses for it are to create additional port for SS2 strap, or to accept connectors, and fasteners; leaving the plate available for tripod mounting.

Also this PASL3 adapter has oversized loops for straps so that you can setup a hand strap with ease.

What's Included
  • PASL3 Adapter
  • Allen Hex Wrench & Screws (everything you need to attach it to the Bracket Plates PB... Models)

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Marc V (Casteren, NL)
Great, but...

Bought the PASL3 with a dedicated camera plate for my R5. I wanted to add the pin of my Spyder belt holster and an SS2 quick release plug.
The spyder pin fits very well, so I can use the PMG plate with a spyder holster instead of a spyder plate plus a peak design arca plate. So far,so good!

However :-) ; the holes for the pin and the SS2 connection are very close together. I cannot fit the pin at the same time as the SS2 plug.
I can still mount the SS2 plug on the camera plate but that prevents me from using the camera/grip in portrait mode.The plug is in the way then, pushing into the palm of my hand.
I have decided to not use the SS2 plug and revert to a short strap to which I can connect the camera strap (Blackrapid with a carabiner).

The perfect solution would be if the PASL3 had the SS2 socket at the opposite side of the pin mount, instead of right next to it.
Maybe in a next version?

Ed (Tigard, US)

Good product and fast delivery

Arman Ko (Atlanta, US)
Very nice product

The products I purchased from this company is one of the best choices I ever made! Top notch quality made in US!


Before I switched to ProMediaGear's arca plates the number of devices that I mounted to my camera was nothing short of a mess. I had a Spider holster plate whit a Peak Design plate attached to it to give me quick tripod access as well as to use their hand straps. They system worked, but it defiantly had its downsides. Two different plates with two different screws systems, and universal plates that didn’t fit well. Like I said it was a mess. The new plates from ProMediaGrear fit extraordinarily well on my z6 and D850, but I wanted to utilize some of the gear that I had already purchased. Enter PASL3 Bracket Plate Adapter. The Plate adapter allowed me to use the pin from my Spider system, and the tether from my Peak Design strap; all without adding extra bulk. It fit well on the D850, but wasn’t quite slim enough to fit the Z6 without covering the battery door. All in all I am pleased with my purchase and its ability to help me bridge three different system into a cohesive piece

Kirk Powell

PASL3 makes using the brackets more easier. Well designed and very strong