PAH1 Bracket Plate Adapter for Straps or Camera Carrying Devices

This adapter can be attached to the side of our Bracket Plates.  It can accept Black Rapid Strap QR connector or Spider Holster connector leaving the plate available for tripod mounting.

Main Features:
  • Mounts to either side of Bracket plate
  • Contains 1/4inch-20 threads in 3 directions (up, down, away from camera)
  • Set screw prevents loosening of screwed in connectors/adapters
  • T6061 lightweight alloy
  • Black anodized scratch resistant finish
    • Made in USA

Item Includes:

  • #PAH1 Bracket Plate Adapter
  • Two Allen wrenches
  • Two screws to mount to Bracket Plate
  • One set screw to provide anti rotation for screw in adapters

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
J. (Baltimore, US)
Amazing for weddings

I use the Spider Holster belt but with Promedia Gear L brackets on 2 cameras for weddings. This little bracket is essential to my system. The reason I don't use Spider's plates is because the Promedia Gear L-bracket is so much more versatile. I love how I can put a pin on the underside of the "L" (vertical), which approximates the pin location for the normal Spider plate. I also mount this bracket on the battery side hanging out the back of the camera, with a pin sticking downwards under the LCD screen. This way each camera has two pins and can be interchangeably dropped on my left or right side. The pin mounted behind the LCD screen is great for my right-hand holster, as it causes the lens to point downwards. The left side pin under the vertical bracket is perfect for my left side holster, as it has the lens facing behind me. As a killer feature, the unique L-bracket design of Promedia gear provides a grip for my left hand to share some of the weight of the camera, especially between shots when I lower the camera to my side. One tip I have for anybody who is mixing brands like this is you can't use a Promedia Gear pin on the Spider Holster, and vice versa. The ball parts are not the same size. But they do have the same size 1/4 20 thread, so you can mount either brand of pin in this system.

Michael Lichter (St Louis, US)
PMG Bracket Plate Adapter are ACE

I use the PMG Bracket Plate Adapters on several cameras and the work perfectly!

Richard Snow

This little arm works great as an add-on to the camera bracket for use with a Spider Camera Holster. My only complaint is that it doesn't work well with the Nikon FTZ Adapter when it is on the right side as it interferes with mounting/removing the FTZ. However, when not using the FTZ, this little arm is great. For the price, I do wish it came with the ball - which is an additional cost.

Mike Hallinan
Well engineered adapter

This is a great addition to my L-Plate. Works extremely well with my SpiderMonkey belt and is by far the most streamlined way of attachment - all other alternatives are so much bulkier.

Lyle E Powers Jr.

This is a very good piece of equipment for when you are using a Black Rapid Camera is not a cheep piece of plastic like the other mount was I had before. It is very good add on for using a Black Rapid camera strap, yes I would recommend this to others.