LensCoat LCKJRBK Black Custom Protective Cover for GKJr. Katana Pro

$39.25 USD
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  • Thin and Lightweight Neoprene material
  • Plain Black color
  • Designed for the GKJr Katana Pro and GKJrC Katana Pro side clamp gimbal head
  • Made by LensCoat

The LensCoat LCKJRBK Black custom protective cover is custom-made for the ProMediaGear GKJr. Katana Pro and GKJr. Katana Pro side-clamp gimbal heads.

This neoprene cover is perfect for outdoor use as it covers your whole gimbal head. The black color makes it great for wildlife and bird photography as you do not have flashy colors that may distract animals.

LensCoat produces the best neoprene covers for your camera, lenses, and accessories so the LCKJRBK is no exception. Get yours today!

Customer Reviews

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WilliamT (Round Rock, US)
Inexpensive Cover, Great Protection

I recently purchased the Lens Coat for my GKJr. Katana Pro to provide additional protection for the Gimbal. I chose the black cover to blend in with my other camera equipment. While I have not used either the GKJr. Katana Pro or the Lens Coat Cover extensively, they both are fairly new, they both are very well made with high quality materials and great engineering.
The Lens Coat fits very snugly, provides great protection for the Gimbal Body, and does not impair the operation of the knobs, the level, or the view of the base plate hash marks.
Great Job!! ProMediaGear