GKPF Katana Cradle Clamp

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S. Vourvoulias (San Francisco, US)
The best Gimbal in the market after Jobu Black Widow

I was a bit hesitant before buying this Gimbal because the look and unprofessional / unsatisfactory display on the website by the “PMG” so I put it aside for sometime hopping that I will be able to attend a trade show to see if in flesh but when I realize that I can not buy my favorite gimbal of all time The Jobu Black Widow HD I gambled my money and took the chance in this ugly thing 😉
Well from the moment I have open the box I spotted a Beautiful craftsmanship a. Cold lamp of metal like the Da Vinci engineered sculpture, A beautiful work of art a priceless acquisition that I am enjoying looking at it , touch and fill, It feels almost therapeutic.
I have done two projects and it has performed fantastically well , I have not had any issues so far . I will be testing again in my road trips to the Air Show’s and this winter but my prediction is that it is her to stay for a very long time and serve me in all my future projects.
There are few things that I will have love to see it hopefully in the next generation of gimbal and that is A taller vertical arm or at least optional taller arm for adding a second camera as I often like to have a zoom wide angle for close up video etc. even a binoculars as most people that do wildlife photography or similar they do carry additional equipment:)
So if May I say that I now proudly own 4 Katana Pro gimbals !
If you have an expensive gear sometime you have to have a beautiful way to show it in display or to be useful and practical in the field or studio:)


This cradle is a brilliant addition to our Tomahawk side kick. it fits like a dream being Acra-Swiss and just love the feel of these over-sized knobs. Very highly recommended it !!