GKPF Katana Cradle Clamp


Katana Gimbal Head.
For long, we have been driven to create something revolutionary. The Katana Gimbal is the result of not copying but innovating from grounds up. It looks, operates, and consists of materials that are not the result of cost cutting but those that are the finest available.

It operates smoothly even with the heaviest and most expensive lenses (up to 40lbs)
Imagine all day shooting with super telephoto lens without getting tired.

We have build and integrated finest mechanisms for:
  • Years of enjoyment, 5-year warranty, Made in USA
  • Stainless steel ball bearings, sealed, maintenance free
  • CNC Precision Machined parts
  • Smooth panning and tight locking mechanism (separate from assembly mounts)
  • Over sized knobs
  • Arca-Swiss Compatible Lens Mount
  • Hard Anodized Scratch resistant finish
  • Lightweight aircraft quality aluminum
  • Gimbal Head with Arca-Swiss compatible clamp
  • Universal/Lens Plate
  • Free in Continental US
  • Weight - About 4 pounds,
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is it bigger an heavier than some competitors heads?
Well When we build it, we wanted to make a statement. We have tried out other Gimbal Heads, and those lighter or cheaper just didn't have quality components we put into this one. Stainless steel ball bearings and smooth locking mechanism add to the bulkiness and weight but provide unmatched performance.

Will you offer camo or matte finish version?
Yes we have plans for camo or matte finish versions.

What is unique about it?
Made in USA, precision machined, knob can be repositioned from left to right side, stainless steel mount insert.

What is the weight limit?
No weight limit as long as you attach a lens without special mount modifications.

What do I need to use my lens with Katana Gimbal Head?
You need an Arca-Swiss style quick release plate installed on your lens.

Can I attach a camera without collared lens?
Yes, what you need to have is a long plate (ie. PX6) and clamp (C40 or C60) attached together at 90deg (available at our site).

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
S. Vourvoulias (San Francisco, US)
The best Gimbal in the market after Jobu Black Widow

I was a bit hesitant before buying this Gimbal because the look and unprofessional / unsatisfactory display on the website by the “PMG” so I put it aside for sometime hopping that I will be able to attend a trade show to see if in flesh but when I realize that I can not buy my favorite gimbal of all time The Jobu Black Widow HD I gambled my money and took the chance in this ugly thing 😉
Well from the moment I have open the box I spotted a Beautiful craftsmanship a. Cold lamp of metal like the Da Vinci engineered sculpture, A beautiful work of art a priceless acquisition that I am enjoying looking at it , touch and fill, It feels almost therapeutic.
I have done two projects and it has performed fantastically well , I have not had any issues so far . I will be testing again in my road trips to the Air Show’s and this winter but my prediction is that it is her to stay for a very long time and serve me in all my future projects.
There are few things that I will have love to see it hopefully in the next generation of gimbal and that is A taller vertical arm or at least optional taller arm for adding a second camera as I often like to have a zoom wide angle for close up video etc. even a binoculars as most people that do wildlife photography or similar they do carry additional equipment:)
So if May I say that I now proudly own 4 Katana Pro gimbals !
If you have an expensive gear sometime you have to have a beautiful way to show it in display or to be useful and practical in the field or studio:)


This cradle is a brilliant addition to our Tomahawk side kick. it fits like a dream being Acra-Swiss and just love the feel of these over-sized knobs. Very highly recommended it !!