GKJr RED Katana Pro Gimbal Head

SKU: GKJr - Red

Key Features

  • Max load capacity: 50 lbs
  • Arca-type compatible clamp
  • Standard 3/8"-16 tripod mount
  • Large control knobs
  • Smooth panning
  • Sealed ball bearings
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy construction
  • Rated below freezing (-40 Celsius) for smooth operation without motion freeze
  • Scratch-resistant anodized red finish
  • PX6 Double DoveTail Plate included

ProMediaGear GKJr Red Katana Pro Overview

The ProMediaGear GKJr Red Katana Pro is a lightweight aluminum gimbal head. It is created for wildlife and sports photographers. This tripod gimbal head is perfect for photographers who are always on the go.

Cameras and huge telephoto lenses fit the GKJr Katana Pro perfectly. Moreover, the included 6" PX6 Double Dovetail Plate works on the majority of telephoto lenses. But, if you need a larger gimbal head. Then, the ProMediaGear GK Katana is the one for you.

As mentioned earlier, the Red Katana Pro is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. ProMediaGear ensures that the materials used are lightweight and durable. In the end, the company settled with 6061 CNC aluminum.

The design looks hollow with its holes. Yet, because of this aluminum, this gimbal tripod head supports up to 50 lbs of gear. The material does not compromise durability. Better yet, it makes the Katana Pro Gimbal Head easier to carry at only 2.4 lbs.

This ProMediaGear gimbal head works the same as the regular Katana Pro. Only the color is different. Besides, the company has perfected everything. From smoothness to durability, it all works well.

The Katana Pro functions like any gimbal head out there. Even so, the advantage of the GKJr gimbal head is its fluid movement. The large control knobs are easy to use even with gloves.

Gimbal heads are associated with outdoor photography. Thus, the Red Katana Pro has an anodized coating to reduce scratches. The matte paint also prevents reflections from distracting wild animals. Moreover, the lightweight material makes it the perfect travel gimbal.

Lastly, the ProMediaGear GKJr Red Katana Pro has sealed ball bearings. It is maintenance-free and will work in any condition. In addition, it comes with a 5-year warranty.


Full Specifications

  • Length: 8.48 inches
  • Width: 3.10 inches (including knob)
  • Height: 9.75 inches
  • Weight: 2.40 pounds
  • Load Capacity: 50 lbs (22.68 KG)
  • Mount Thread: 3/8-16
  • Mounting Base: 2.36 inches
Items Included:
  • (1) GKJr. Katana Junior Gimbal Head with Arca Type Cradle
  • Lens Plate (PX6) (FREE Promotional Item)
  • 5-year Warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Robert C. (Orlando, US)
Great and easy to use

I was having issues with another head that I was using for pano shots and began looking for a alternative. I have used it with the nodal/slide rail and half ball leveler for pano shots thus far. I have not put any of my big lens on yet to use as gimbal, but I have no concerns cause the build is great. I turned to looking at the Katana Jr. because I have been pleased with the other PMG products that I own. I originally thought about the original Katana but watched a video comparing them and the Jr. seemed a better suited size for my use.

It is very well built and is easy to locate the knobs in the dark to adjust things. I have only had the opportunity to use it once thus far but I am pleased so far. It is not as light and compact as some of the other heads out there but I am good with that, because it seems more durable than the others. While this equipment may be overkill for what I needed and is priced a little higher, but the saying, “you get what you pay for,” holds true here.

I almost lost a camera due to a poor piece of equipment several months back. The equipment broke and luckily I caught it. I don’t see this breaking at all. Maybe If it got ran over by a tank???

Worth the money and great build quality to protect and utilize my cameras.

Peter Lee

Holding almost an 8lb camera and trying to photograph birds high up in a tree is extremely difficult ending up with hundreds of useless pictures. That was until I bought this very well engineered Gimbal Head. It is nothing short of being fantastic allowing me to capture birds effortlessly. The attached files are of a Phainopepla, a flycatcher noted for its red eye. I have processed this as both color and monochromatic. This was taken using Canon EOS 5DS-r camera + 200-400 lens mounted on my new ProMedia Red Katana Gimbal Head. If you too photograph birds or other wild animals then you must buy this Gimbal. You will not be disappointed.

Brian Crosby
More than happy

Received my new gimbal head three days after ordering. Stunning addition to my kit. The head is a dream and has already been used photographing puffins and gannets on the Yorkshire Coast. Smooth and do steady.

Gary Miyata

This gimbal is really great for big lens. Used it with my Canon 600mm F/4 lens for surfing photography. Real smooth panning and easy light to carry. I recommend this gimbal.


I've not a lot to add to the superlatives already written--an excellent gimbal, both functionally and aesthetically. Probably will not need to buy another one, but highly recommended. Do love the red...