BLSA5A Aluminum Adapter Mount for Camera Flash | 5" Tall

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Keith Schweitzer (Martensdale, US)
Best Off-Camera Gear

I've wasted my money on several off-camera brackets. Flimsy, clumsy, break easily. The Boomerang bracket along with this riser are by far the best equipment on the market. Getting the speedlight away from the camera eliminates glare from eyeglasses which can be a real problem especially when photographing a group of people. The riser also helps tremendously with shadow control. If you get the Boomerang bracket (which I highly recommend), consider spending a little more and get this extender. The quality of your photography will improve signficantly.

Jeremy DuBrul

As you look around my equipment... PMG keeps popping up. From the base plates of my cameras... Ball Head in my studio and now my Wedding/ Social Event Rig... So this attaches to your Boomerang Rig I have a Mk1/ V1 and this still attaches, just fine. It is a 1/4" stud adapter. It is meant to take NEW/ NEXT generation lightweight heads and mount them. Whole thing fits VERY well, even with a V1.1 or however they refer to my Boomerang system. It couples JUST fine with what I have and I can see... How to use this. These guys have it together and it is WHY I remain a customer. I started because they are LOCAL. I stay with because the the stuff is intuitive and it WORKS. I bought this because I KNOW I am going to get the "next gen" GODOX/ Flashpoint, but I can throw an old-school flashgun on this and get serious reach. That extra 5" helps to BOUNCE light in a high ceiling. I can think of a LOT to do with this piece.

Andrew Dolph
Owner, Andrew Dolph Photography

Absolutely crucial if using a ful frame sensor camera in conjunction with anything wider than. 17-35mm lens. Great stability. I really appreciate that the top of the stem was machine with a flat side so that the light source will lock on without spinning around when in use.