BL01 Universal Adjustable Velcro Carry Harness with Clamp (Fits ELB500, Profoto B2 and many others)

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BL01 Universal Velcro Cage with Clamp
BL01 Universal Cage with Velcro Straps

BL01 Universal Adjustable Velcro Carry Harness with Clamp

The ProMediaGear BL01 Universal Adjustable Velcro Carry Harness with Clamp (Fits ELB500, Profoto B2 and many others) and is designed to quickly velcro your power pack or accessories to your tripod leg or light stand. The kit contains (2) 24 inch and (2) 12 inch velcro straps to secure practically anything you can think of resting on the (2) (1.60 inch / 4cm) standoffs. The BL01 will keep your valuable equipment dry and easy to access off the ground mounted to your stand, tripod or railing. The jaws of the clamp are adjustable from (.50 inches / 1.37cm) to (2.10 inches / 5.33cm). The BL01 also features the SS2 Quick Release Adapter port which works great as a carry devise system when you remove the clamp. Keep your equipment secure without the unit swinging around and potentially falling while dangling from the strap. Pick up the BL01 today!

Adjustable to fit many packs on the market today. Fits Elinchrom ELB400 / ELB500, Profoto B2, Phottix Indra, Godox, Canon and Nikon External battery packs and many others.

Core Features:

  • Recessed 1/4-20 D-Screw (to attach the clamp)
  • Female 1/4-20 with anti-rotation holes for SH1 or other accessories
  • (1) SS2 Female Quick Release Adapter
  • 4 Height Adjustment Standoffs
  • (2) 24 inch Velcro
  • (2) 12 inch Velcro
  • (1) Mini Super Clamp


Specifications: BL01 Universal Adjustable Cage with Clamp

• Largest Pack: 18 inches of usable space (example. 4 x 10 pack. 4 (side) + 4 (side) +10 (front) = 18)
• Smallest Pack: 6.5 inches of usable space (example. 1.75 x 3 pack. 1.75 (side) + 1.75 (side) + 3 (front) = 6.5)
• Total Weight: 14 ounces / 397g

Items Included:

(1) BL01 Universal Adjustable Cage
(2) Adjustable Standoffs (1.60 inch / 4cm)
(1) Mini Super Clamp
(2) 24 inch Velcro
(2) 12 inch Velcro

• 5 year warranty
• Made in U.S.A and various other counties

BL01 Universal Battery / Gear Carry Harness Instructions

Customer Reviews

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S. Vourvoulias (San Francisco, US)
Is ok but not completely useful

It could have been designed in the better useful way, pretty simple way by adding a L plate with arca double dove rail and mounting screw ready to be attached to the gimbal with the pins in the back.
The original way is not a good design just an inspiration or idea but completely not practical specially the clamp , is completely unusable , it falls down as soon as you attach it to the tripod leg!
Please contact me for better ideas or future useful ideas, I can be a good asset to your future development or product improvement!

Fred Windholz

Absolutely love this bracket as it fits my Elinchrom ELB500 and my Phottix Indra 500 gear very well. Solid built like all other Pro Media Gear products! What's great about this piece is that it is universal for whatever lighting system you have......Profoto, PCP, Quantum (which I still have) or any light needing to hold a battery pack. So if I change systems this bracket will be able to move forward with me.