A38 - 3-8"-16 Threaded Insert for ProMediaGear Clamps

SKU: A38
3/8"-16  mounting thread cut in steel, nickel-chrome plated insert,ensures that thread will remain in good condition almost indefinitely, as opposed to all other designs that have threads cut directly in the aluminum body of the clamp, rending it useless once the threads wear out in the aluminum.

This insert is compatible with all ProMediaGear clamps.

Customer Reviews

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Peter Mohl (Bensalem, US)
Ease of Use

I must admit I have not used this product extensively but when I have it is well made and a pleasure to work with.

Jackie Lehman (Hercules, US)
well made

These pieces are required for the clamp to fasten to anything. I got the clamp pair, but it only came with one insert of each size. So I got spare inserts of each size. They are a bit expensive for what looks about like a big nut, but they're made in USA. The quality seems about as good as the clamps, which is to say superlative. These inserts fit the clamp like they were made for it, which I guess they were. Anyway you might want to get a spare before you absolutely have to, the clamps are almost useless without them. I like the flexibility of two sizes, and these steel inserts seem way less likely to strip out during use than just aluminum.

mike scanlon

installed, works fine. does the job.

Jim Lansing

I ordered from another vender the ProMedia Gear Clamp and then the 3/8' insert from ProMediaGear itself. I like this product very much and am using it on Swarovski's wooden tripod (part of their Interior Spotting Scope kit). It makes it much easier to detach the large 85mm scope. The only wish I have is that the 3/8" thread be included with the ProMediaGear clamp instead of as a separate order.

Robert Julian

Exactly what I needed. Allows me to mount my ProMediaGear quick release to tripod heads with 3/8, 16 thread. Shipped right away and arrived to my address in Mexico in a timely manner.