A35 Replacement Knob for Profoto B10 Plus OCF Flash Head (Female Version)

$29.95 USD


The older Profoto B10 tends to have male knobs. Please undo the knob and check if it is the same as the PMG A35 Replacement Knob (Female Version). You may use the photos above as a reference.

For the PMG A35 Replacement Knob (Female), check your Profoto Knob if it uses the smaller M8 Thread as seen in the second photo above. If it is using the larger three thread screw, then the PMG A35 is not compatible.

If your Profoto B10 uses a male knob, then look for the ProMediaGear A34 Replacement Knob. It is the male version.

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  • Profoto B10 Plus Female Knob Replacement
  • Proven and tested replacement knob
  • Change tilt and direction of the B10 Plus Flash Head Easily
  • Quick and easy to fit into the ProFoto B10 Plus
  • Provides better grip than the stock knobs

The ProMediagear A35 Replacement Knob is set to replace the stock Profoto B10 Plus OCF Flash Head adjustment knob. 

The default B10 Plus Flash Head knob are difficult to use due to its shape. Hence, the ProMediaGear A35 replacement knob was made. 

It is made to make your life easier. Installation is seamless and only takes a few minutes too.

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Customer Reviews

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Crosby Thomley (Tuscaloosa, US)
Much better than Profoto original

Thank you ProMediaGear for making this tightening knob for my B10. I’ve never liked the original knob when I bought this Profoto strobe over three years ago. The replacement knob is perfect.

Thank you Crosby for writing a review. We're happy you found the perfect solution for the original smooth locking knob. If you have some questions or need further assistance, please let us know.

Thank you,
Noel | ProMediaGear

William Palmer (Spring Hill, US)
Excellent product

Great answer to an annoying little problem on original product.

Hi William,

We're happy you liked the Replacement knob. If you have some questions or need further assistance, please let us know.

Thank you,
Noel | ProMediaGear

BRUCE BONIN (Merrimack, US)
Replacement Knobs for Profoto B10

WOW! What a difference your replacement Knobs make! I have not been happy with the original equipment knobs that the Profoto B10 and B10x supplied. Your replacements are just wonderful! Keep up the the great work. If I remember correctly, every piece of photograhy that I've purchased have made my life so much easier. Thank You!


LOVE the B10+. HATED the smooth locking knob ! 10/10 to ProMediaGear for solving a seriously annoying problem, works perfectly/

Jon Rauschenberger

This transforms both the B10 and B10 Plus (I use both) from unreliable and frustrating to pleasant and reliable in terms of positioning the head - particularly when using larger modifiers like the 2x3 soft-box.