ProMediaGear has announced that its proprietary SS2 Strap Port System is now on its End-Of-Life (EOL). The decision was made to make way for the world standard QD Strap Ports.

The SS2 Strap Port is company's own system that is found on camera plates, L-brackets, brackets, and other products.

However, the company has decided to move to the more standard QD strap ports. ProMediaGear has been offering QD strap ports alongside SS2. But now, the company is dedicated to offering a single strap port option.

"We understand that this announcement may be unwelcome to you. It is a difficult decision we have to make and we apologize for any inconvenience caused," said the company on its announcement.

Replace your SS2 Strap Ports for Free

ProMediaGear is having an SS2 to QD Strap Port replacement program starting today. The program is free for anyone residing in the USA. International clients would be a case-to-case basis as the shipping costs is another factor.

Here are the details of the SS2 to QD replacement program.

  • Any ProMediaGear product with an SS2 Strap Port and with a QD Option available is eligible. Not all SS2 products have a QD counterpart. Only products with a QD counterpart shall be entertained.
  • The ProMediaGear product should be purchased from February 1, 2022 onwards. Products purchased before February 1, 2022 shall be a have a $20 SS2 to QD exchange fee.
  • The SS2 to QD Exchange will run until September 15, 2022 or until supplies last.

For any other questions, feel free to send ProMediaGear a message through its live chat, e-Mail or through its social media pages.


Aim Orallo
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Your discontinuing your SS2 Quick Connect line is certainly disappointing. I’ve built my system around it. I have 6 SSD retrofit connectors, 9 L-brackets with SS2 Ports (PBCBGE11 (2), PBC5DS, PBC5D4, PBC7DM2, PBCR5/6, PCBGE22, and PBX3 (2)), 2 PX6 lens plates, and 3 PX4 lens plates. What are my options. It looks like I won’t be able to use the SS2 connectors with the LC2 lens plate I need, or an L-bracket for the R1 when it comes out. When you came out with the SS2s, you had a video of a couple of guys hanging from an SS2, and said a 300 lb man did pull-ups on one. Are the QDs as strong?

— Joe Benkert

Hi Steve! Thanks for the comment. Looking back at your order history. We can pretty much swap everything you have for the new system once we have the new plugs available. We’ll contact you when we have that available. The Plastic was just a prototype, final will be stainless steel. We hope for your understanding on why we are doing a huge move towards QD.

— Aim | ProMediaGear

Tom, I have three items that I would like to update to the qd system. They are:
I appreciate how you handled this and look forward to future products from your company. Thanks


— Ken Samuelson

How do I take advantage of the SS2 to QD exchange?

— Ian Cassell

Wow. This is great. I’ve invested money in plates and straps that all work together as a system. Grab any camera, lens and strap and they are all compatible.

Now, going forward, I’ll have to buy totally incompatible components that require matching the proper strap to other devices. How convenient.

Oh, wait. Sometime in the future I’ll be able to buy plastic adapters to sling my heavy, expensive gear on. Sign me up for a truck load of those.

Good bye Pro Media Gear. As long as I have to invest in other gear, it will be with another company.

— Steve Dean