VS368 PMG-DUO 36 Inch Interview Video Slider with Straight track and 8 foot curve track

SKU: VS368
PMG Duo SliderPMG DUO Slider

ProMediaGear Slider ChartDescription:

The World's First, Dual Track Slider. The body of the slider is machined out of 1 solid piece of T-6061 Aluminum and feature two tracks; straight on one side and curved on the other! The carriage is designed to be moved quickly from one side to another simply by loosening a thumbscrew.

  • One Piece Lightweight Aluminum Track Construction
  • Aluminum Carriage with Aluminum Wheels and HD Bearings
  • Carriage Supports < 20 lbs. Max Load
  • Integrated Legs with Non-Marring Rubber Pads
  • Integrated 5/8 inch Light Stand Mounts
  • Multiple 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 Attachment Points
  • Nylon Carry Case Included!
  • Many Accessories Available (#CS60 Clamp / #VSL1 Quick Flip Brackets / #VSCL Rail Stops and More)

  • The entire line-up of ProMediaGear Pro-Stix Carbon Fiber Tripods are precision CNC machined in our factory located in Tinley Park, IL USA.

    Made in the USA by photographers for photographers! We pride ourselves in being experienced photography professionals and design gear we would use. There's nothing more important than our customers' satisfaction. So, What Are You Still Waiting For? Order Your Own Premium PMG Pro-Duo Slider Today!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews

    Really like! I put a full Varicam LT with Xenon prime lens and Satcher FS6 head on (about 20lbs +.) and it works great. A little bend play back and forth.. Maybe a 4th wheel would help but completely smooth anyway. I have full size sliders that weight 60 LBS but I need to travel with this little one. Very nicely made. Love the curve straight option. I tried the tried and Monopod mounts but found that the clamp on with 2 tripods weas much more stable.

    John Loeffelholz
    Department Admin

    The Promediagear video slider has to be one of the best designed and built pieces of professional video equipment. The machining is flawless, it's easy to use, and has many options for how it's mounted. The fact that it has both a straight track and parabolic track means you are getting two pieces of equipment for the price of one. Their pricing is shockingly low and the quality shockingly high. It's a no brainer....we'll be using them for more of our equipment needs

    Jake Hellbach

    This has to be the smoothest slider I've owned. I bought it with the motor and it's great for an unattended camera for interviews or just a 2nd camera without operator. In loop mode it will get to the end of the travel and slowly start back and repeat. Love it!