Kevin Dooley is an award-winning Wildlife and Portrait/ Wedding Photographer who grew up in New Mexico, USA.

Kevin’s interest and study of photography began at an early age of fourteen with the Christmas gift of a 35mm camera. Working as an assistant photographer and darkroom technician in his father’s portrait and wedding studio was the beginning of a lifetime career in photography.

At the age of eighteen, Kevin enlisted in the US Navy and served onboard an aircraft carrier. Serving in the US Navy was a big part of molding Kevin into the photographer he is today. Traveling the world on a ship sparked his love for adventure and photographing it.

After completing his service, he returned to New Mexico and opened his own photography studio in Albuquerque. During the over forty years the studio has been in operation, it has received numerous awards.

His passion for wildlife photography and for Africa, led to his safari adventures and he and his wife, Tricia Dooley, eventually opened Idube Photo Safaris.

Kevin is a certified FGASA (Field Guide Association of South Africa), wildlife guide, and a PPA master Photographer, and takes guests from all over the world on amazing photographic and sightseeing safaris in Africa, Alaska, India, Brazil, and other destinations.

He teaches both wildlife and portrait photography workshops, helping both the advanced and the beginner.

Africa has always had a special place in Kevin’s heart. He thrives on sharing this amazing place with others. Teaching about the wildlife, the trees, and the history of wild Africa.

Everything from the sunrise to the safari camps and the adventurous stories that are shared around the evening campfires. These are unique places that he loves to share and experience with the travelers that accompany him.

Kevin is also an accomplished writer and has written many published articles and has recently released his book Wild Faces in Wild Places.

Kevin has been using ProMediaGear products for many years and truly puts them through the test of time and professional use. From the cold and swift rivers of Alaska to the dry dusty game trails of Botswana, ProMediagear has been a traveling companion and a tool of choice for the many photographic adventures of Kevin Dooley.



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