Hanson Fong | ProMediaGear Ambassador
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Hanson Fong of San Francisco, California, is globally recognized as one of the premier wedding and portrait photographers in the industry. With more than 30 years of experience, Hanson has rightfully earned the Photographic Degrees of Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman.

He is currently a member of the prestigious Society of XXV. Hanson is also a proud member of Canon’s Explorers of Light.

Hanson’s photographic experience and educational credentials are unsurpassed. As an award winning photographer and instructor, Hanson is on the cutting edge of photography. His work sets the standard for photographers around the world.

He has lectured at every major school of photography across America. Various national and international conventions invited him to be their speaker.

His work and talent are recognized throughout the United States, Asia, Canada, Mexico and Europe. His photographs has been displayed in the Hall of Fame, Epcot Center, and the ASP Traveling Loan.

Hanson’s images have been seen in numerous publications including “American Photo,” “Bridal Guide,” “Popular Photography,” “Rangefnder,” “Studio Photography,” and “Professional Photographer.”

The quality of his work is reflected in the aesthetic appeal found in each of his photographs.   

Gear List

ProMediaGear Boomerang Flash Bracket

ProMediaGear L-Bracket

Canon 5D MarkIII

Canon 5D (converted to Infrared)

Canon Lenses and Speedlights

Westcott Professional Lighting


Hanson Fong EZ Step posing blocks

Hanson Fong Skin Glow Flash Bounce Cards