What is a video camera rig?

By definition, a video camera rig is a piece of equipment that is used to enhance the features of a camera. It is attached to either create stability, add lens filters or even capture challenging shots.

Others may define a camera rig as a support system that helps videographers work effortlessly. External monitors, follow focus, or even remotes are added through a rig for an efficient shoot.

Why use a ProMediaGear camera rig?

The ProMediaGear camera rig is a modular system that can be modified to one's liking. It can be used as a full mobile rig with handles or the parts can be disassembled for a simple handle rig. 

Besides being feature-rich, the ProMediaGear camera rig is made of high-quality CNC aluminum. It is lightweight and durable making it perfect for any type of shoot, even rugged ones.