CN30 NATO, Picatinny Clamp with 1-4-20 thread

$24.95 USD

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  • Clamp your accessories to a NATO rail
  • For 1/4-20 accessories
  • Quick access to accessories on a camera or video rig
  • Made of CNC-machined aluminum
  • Works with RED Swat rails, Zacuto Z-rails, Wooden Camera and other 3rd party NATO
  • Made in the USA

Mount a 1/4-20 accessory onto your NATO rail with this PMG Aluminum CNC Machined NATO Clamp.

This clamp is designed as part of the NATO system to quickly allow you to access and remove accessories onto your camera / video rig.

This CN30 NATO clamp is designed to have the 1/4-20 threaded adapter come in from underneath, mount flush underneath, and allow access to the male threads on top.

Additional models are available to accomodate items that wish to be screwed into the NATO clamp as well as 3/8-16 versions. 

The NATO clamp features a standard 30mm width and will work with similar type NATO rails like RED Swat rails, Zacuto Z-rails, Wooden Camera and other 3rd party NATO products.

Full Specifications

NATO Mouth Width:

  • Closed: 20mm
  • Open: 25mm

Customer Reviews

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James W Payne

These are nice to have around. They hold great and I dogeep some extras because, they come in handy. PMG has great products !!!!

J.T. Patton

That it's referred to a "Picatinny" Clamp is a misnomer. Yes, it dimensionally fits a Pic rail, and for all intents and purpose, using it for Cameras would probably be fine. What I expected to see were cross support rails that provide further locking stability in a true Picatinny spec clamp, i.e. firearm optic mounts. I bought this in order to use for a tripod rifle mount, but use it for Binoculars instead.

steve p
great piece of kit

great piece of gear that is exactly what I needed for my rig at an affordable price. Thanks!