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Why you should change your stock camera strap?

Brandnew cameras always include a camera strap in the box. This camera accessory serves several purposes. One is to carry the camera while in use. The second one is to promote the camera band subtly. 

Camera manufacturers such as Nikon and Canon include straps with huge logos printed on them. It serves as a way to increase brand recall. 

However, these camera straps are usually uncomfortable. They are either too thin or it has no ample padding. Longer hours of usage are unbearable with these straps.

That is where third-party companies like ProMediaGear come in. ProMediaGear straps hang to the side of the body. It reduces the strain on the neck. The shoulders bear the weight instead.

What are camera holsters?

Camera holsters are used for quick access to a camera with a lens attached. These holsters are attached to the belt or even backpacks for easy access.

One of the problems of using a camera strap is neck pain. With a camera holster, the weight is carried by the belt and it is more comfortable that way.

Holsters are sometimes called toploaders because of the way it works. A small ball stud is attached to the base of the camera and it fits right into the holster. 

Are camera holsters worth it?

If you are going to shoot for several hours then it is safe to say that it is worth it. Camera holsters reduce neck and shoulder pain making long shoots easier for the body.

However, if you are going to shoot occasionally, then a regular camera strap will do. Just be sure that it has enough padding and is comfortable enough while in use.