PXC1 6-inch Arca-Swiss Type Nodal Rail with Integrated Clamp

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  • Arca-Swiss Compatible Dual Dovetail Plate
  • Integrated Arca Clamp with Locking Knob
  • 6"-Long Plate with a 3.5" Dovetail
  • Made of T6061 Aluminum - CNC machined
  • Laser-Engraved Centering Lines
  • Knurled Locking Knob
  • Mountable to Ball Heads or Gimbal Heads (anything with Arca-style clamp)
  • Used to attach cameras to tripod heads to find the nodal point for panoramas
  • Basic micro slider to help focus
  • Made in the USA
  • 5-year warranty

The ProMediaGear PXC1 6-inch Arca-Swiss Type Nodal Rail with Integrated Clamp has a double dovetail plate. It can be clamped and be used as a macro focusing rail. Besides that, it can also mount other accessories alongside its top plate.

The double dovetail is 3.5-inches long with an integrated Arca-Swiss clamp at the end. This mounts a camera at a crosswise position.

This nodal rail has laser-engraved center lines for you to use as a guide. The knob is just the perfect size too. It is not too large or not too small and is easy to use in any condition.

The PXC1 is made of a single T6061 aluminum. It is CNC machined and is lightweight and durable. It can surely carry any modern DLSR or mirrorless camera.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Michael Anderson (Saint Paul, US)
Helped me create a workaround for a Canon RF 800mm lens (sort of)

I ordered the PXC1 6 Inch Arca-Swiss Type Nodal Rail with Integrated Clamp so that I could create a workaround for something that Canon should have included with the RF 800mm lens. They don't make a tripod collar for that lens, so I "invented" one (sort of) by attaching an L bracket to the lens. It's not ideal, but it works. ProMedia Gear should invent and market one. Hint ;). Now I can use it on my Katrina JR gimbal head. It's not in "perfect balance", but at least I can now use it in a vertical orientation if I need to. It's well made, just like all of their products always are.

Louis Skinner (Seattle, US)
Best there is for features and function

I’m most concerned with mechanical function and features. This is the very best in the business.

Douglas Testerman (Hickory, US)
Great product

Top of the line gear. The best in durable camera equipment

Larry Fasnacht (Omaha, US)
Just what I needed

I bought the gimbal head, which works GREAT for my long lenses with a lens foot, but then I couldn't use a camera with a regular plate like a ball head. The platform is rotated 90 degrees out. So I bought this and now I can use the gimbal natively and if I want to put a regular camera/plate on, I just put this attachment on the gimbal and can then mount the camera on it. I can also slide it back and forth a bit to find the right balance, or nodal point for the lens. Works great. I bought the short one and it's perfect for my uses.

Jason Heartsfield (Philadelphia, US)
Great well built piece

Love the balance this provides perfect for him R5 and fluid head on 3 legged thing.