The Profoto B10 and B10 Plus OCF Flash Heads are excellent strobes with an impressive range of flash power. But users are encountering one problem - the knobs.

Both the Profoto B10 and the B10 Plus impress photographers with their power despite being portable and lightweight. The only problem is adjusting these flash heads up or down.
See, the Profoto flash heads have a tiny adjustment knob. There is no problem in using it every once in a while. The problem arises when shooting in the rain, winter, or summer. The conditions are less than ideal for the stock knob.
Profoto B10 with Regular Knob
To adjust the Profoto flash heads, you simply turn the knob and tilt the head in your desired direction. But the problem is, it gets slippery when wet. If your hands are sweaty, twisting the knob becomes a chore.
There are instances where it's difficult to tighten or loosen the stock knob.   Because of the shape of knob is not optimal many users have difficulty locking or unlocking the tilt of the head.
Luckily, customers have reached out to ProMediaGear to design replacement knobs and the company answered.

ProMediaGear A35 and A34 replacement knobs

As the Profoto lights are getting popular, more customers are getting irate by its knobs. And now, they have an option.
The ProMediaGear A35 replacement knob is for the Profoto B10 Plus. This knob makes it easier to adjust your Profoto B10 Plus. It is easier to grip whether it is raining, snowing, or if your arms are sweaty. 
ProMediaGear A35 and A34 replacement Knob
The ProMediaGear A34 replacement knob is made for the Profoto B10. The smaller flash head suffers the same issue as the B10 Plus. With the A34 knob, you can easily tilt the flash head up or down.
Before going ahead and replacing your Profoto flash heads, make sure to unscrew the stock adjustment knob. Check if you need the female version (A35) or the male version (A34). 
If you have multiple Profoto B10 or B10 Plus, make sure to double-check if you need the same replacement knobs. 
The ProMediaGear A35 and A34 are great upgrades for your Profoto flash head system. It is a simple tool, yet it improves the overall shooting experience. With these knobs, you may go out and shoot in any condition and adjust the flash heads without worry.
For a quick overview, you may check out this video from our YouTube channel.
Images used courtesy of Profoto 
Aim Orallo