ProMediaGear sells all types of photography equipment including tripods and ball heads. Its tripods are considered one of the best in the market. It’s durable, lightweight, and lasts a lifetime. But what about the ProMediaGear ball heads?

There are two ProMediaGear ball heads to choose from. Both ball heads are great for professional use. However, it differs in style - one is a traditional ball head, while the other one is mechanical.
What are the other differences? Let’s find out and see which one is for you.

ProMediaGear BH50

PMG BH50 ball head
This ball head is the most affordable offering from ProMediaGear. It features the traditional ball head design yet, the build quality can rival more expensive ball heads.
There are two ProMediaGear BH50 ball head versions. The BH50C60 has an Arca-Swiss #C60 clamp installed.
Meanwhile, the BH50C40 has the #C40 clamp included. Both of which are universally compatible. Just do not forget to check whether it is C40 or C60 upon checkout.
Moving on to its features, the BH50 ball head has an Arca-compatible top clamp as mentioned earlier. Besides that, there is a large mechanical friction knob for easy adjustment. The large size makes it easier to find, use, and position.
If you are shooting in extreme conditions where you need to wear a glove, then the large knob is heaven-sent. It makes shooting easier and hassle-free because of its size.
If you are using a non-ProMediaGear tripod, do not worry. The BH50 has a standard tripod thread making it compatible with any other tripods.
The silver small tension knob also helps in getting the perfect amount of tension. There are two drop-in slots for quick orientation change. If you need to shoot panoramas, the included fluid panning mechanism can turn 360 degrees smoothly.
Durability-wise, this ball head is made from a solid T6061 solid aluminum block so expect top-notch quality.
That being said, the BH50 can be used by anyone. It gets the job done at an affordable price.

ProMediaGear BH1 

ProMediaGear BH1 Ball Head
The BH50 tripod is impressive on its own. However, for around $80 more, you can get the ProMediaGear BH1 Professional Ball Head.
But is the price difference worth it?
Judging by the looks of it, the BH1 Ball Head is not your regular ball head. It is a mechanical ball head. To explain further, instead of having a fixed drop slot, the BH1 allows you to drop at 90 degrees then you can rotate it freely at any angle you want. This gives you an easier time adjusting your camera to your desired angle.
How does it compare to a regular drop slot ball head?
The difference lies in its adjustability. With a regular drop slot, the verticality is sometimes hindered by the slot itself. There are times when one cannot achieve a perfect 90-degree angle due to the knobs.
But with the BH1 Ball Head, it is easy to adjust the knob and lineup the camera at 90-degrees.
The large ergonomic knob opposite the ball is easy to find and position despite any load. With this combination, the tripod head supports the heaviest setups at any angle.
Besides the actual ball head, the fluid panning mechanism is smooth and the Arca-compatible top clamp holds your camera securely.
Other features include several bubble levels. It might look simple, but these levels help greatly while shooting. The perfect level can be easily achieved thus reducing post-processing time.
If you are using a lightweight carbon fiber tripod, this is also a great match as it only weighs 2-pounds.

Which ProMediaGear ball head should you get?

Now that you are aware of both models. It is time to decide which ball head to get.
In the end, it all boils down to your budget and compromise. If you have the money to spend on the ProMediaGear BH1, then that is definitely worth it. The 150-pound load capacity and 5-year warranty are just a bonus.
However, if you are on a tight budget but you want a durable ball head that will last a lifetime, the ProMediaGear BH50 ball head is not a bad buy. It looks like a regular ball head. But it locks and adjusts easily. Plus, it is more durable.
Though ultimately, you are compromising on some features such as the large unique rotatable head. This is a game-changer when shooting different angles.
Both ProMediaGear ball heads are worth your money. Just evaluate if you can spend an extra for the more premium BH1 or if the simple BH50 fits your shooting style.
Aim Orallo