Canon remains to be the frontrunner when it comes to camera market share for the past 19 years. The company managed to retain the spot since 2003.

10 years on top is already a huge feat. 15 years, harder. But for Canon, 19 years is a piece of cake as they continue to dominate the interchangeable-lens camera market since 2003. All thanks to revolutionary design and excellent cameras, Canon is still unbeatable.

The feat includes all camera models ranging from beginner EOS cameras to professional and modern R-series mirrorless cameras. That broad range of products added to why Canon is still the first choice.

Canon DSLR on hand

But going back to 2003, which camera started the rise of Canon?

Canon’s stronghold in the camera market started with the Canon 300D. It was considered revolutionary back then due to its price and performance.

The company continued to develop its interchangeable cameras and added feature after feature. It then manufactured professional full-frame cameras such as the Canon 1D and 5D. 

The Canon 5D Mark II also became a staple when it comes to professional photographers as the image quality, performance, and video capabilities were top-notch.

Moreover, the company made waves when it transitioned to mirrorless cameras back in 2018. The Canon EOS R had flaws but it paved way for the Canon EOS R5 and R6. These two cameras took over the market by storm and now, more cameras are getting added to the lineup.

Canon EOS R5 C

For instance, the Canon EOS R5C is coming soon. This camera further improves the original R5 and makes it a fully-fledged professional camera. 

At the moment, Canon remains to be one of the best choices for beginners. It has models ranging from around $500 as a starting point.

Professional photographers are rewarded too as Canon has recently announced that 32 new lenses will arrive in the next four years - 8 models each year. 

This move shows that it is committed to providing choices to its consumers. It is also proof that loyalty to one company is rewarded as the upgrade path for a once beginner, continues to flourish.

With new cameras and lenses coming soon, will Canon remain on top next year? Or will Nikon, Sony, or other manufacturers clinch the title?

Aim Orallo
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