ProMediaGear carbon fiber tripods are lightweight, durable, and lasts a really long time. They are made of 10 layers of carbon fiber and aircraft-grade aluminum. In turn, they can carry heavy cameras with no problems.

If you are not yet convinced to by the qualities mentioned above, here are more reasons why a ProMediaGear carbon fiber tripod is worth it.

ProMediaGear tripods in factory

High quality and well-engineered

ProMediaGear products are made in the USA with strict quality control. Every part is created to a high standard.

The company is owned by engineers and photographers so they know that a small error may break photography equipment worth thousands.

The tripods are made of carbon fiber and precision CNC-machined T6061 aluminum making them lightweight and heavy-duty. 

Now if you have certain qualities that you have in mind such as max height, weight capacity, and many more, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Plus, all carbon fiber tripod options are made top-quality. There are no compromises when it comes to production.

ProMediaGear carbon fiber tripods are feature-packed

Small details make or break a product and when it comes to ProMediaGear tripods, the company nailed these tiny features.

Now these features are not extravagant and over the top. These are small add-ons that improve the user experience.

Some of these features include hidden spikes on the feet that can be used to keep the tripod planted on soft surfaces. 

There is a huge level on the apex too that helps in balancing the camera.

Moreover, there are 1/4-20 threads on the tripod so you can mount your microphone, video screen, remote, and other accessories.

See, these features might be too small and sometimes ignored. But once used, it can greatly improve the quality of life of any user.

ProMediaGear apex

ProMediaGear tripods are modular

ProMediaGear carbon fiber tripods are modular. No, they do not transform from a tripod to a monopod. The modularity comes in at the apex or the flat top.

The apex can be transformed from a flat platform to a 75mm bowl leveling base or a center column. With a twist of a lever and a push to the release button, you can modify your tripod depending on your usage.

The 75mm bowl leveling base and center column are proprietary. This means you cannot use a leveling head from a different brand.

However, having proprietary equipment ensures you that everything works smoothly. These parts are also tested extensively for added safety.

Smooth twist-lock legs

There are two common types of tripod legs - twist lock and flip locks. Both are equally useful when it comes to securing the tripod legs.

However, twist locks have a slight advantage.

ProMediaGear opted for twist locks because they are easier to use. You only need a quarter turn to fully release the tripod legs. If you have large hands, you can easily unlock all legs in one go.

Moreover, there are instances wherein people nip their fingers while using a flip locks which makes the twist locks advantageous when it comes to safety.

Lastly, twist lock legs are easy to disassemble should you clean your tripod. 

PMG tripods for shooting anywhere

Spare parts and repair availability (USA)

ProMediaGear carbon fiber tripods have a 5-year warranty. That speaks a lot when it comes to quality as the product could last five years or more.

But what if, unfortunately, something in the tripod breaks? 

Though it rarely happens, ProMediaGear has spare parts available on the go. If you are in the US, then you are lucky because parts availability is not an issue. You are assured that the company will back you up when it comes to solving your problems.

This applies to other products as well, not just tripods.


Now this is debatable as some would claim that ProMediaGear tripods are expensive. The most affordable one, TR343 Pro-Stix, is available for $1060.

But with all the features you get with this tripod, the price is justified. If you are using it with a camera system worth $10,000 or more, then a tripod worth $1,000 is a no-brainer considering that it lasts a lifetime.

In addition, ProMediaGear tripods are more affordable than competitors at the same price range. Other brands offer similar products at around $200 more. So in the end, it is a better deal than its competitors.

PMG tripods in ice

ProMediaGear carbon fiber tripods have positive reviews

Product reviews help buyers decide on whether a product is worth it or not. If you are eyeing a new tripod, then a ProMediaGear tripod is worth considering.

Reviews alone attest to its quality. Just check these statements from prominent photography websites particularly for the TR344 carbon fiber tripod.

"They (also) aren’t cheap but they’re extremely well-built and backed by a 5-year warranty with personalized service from a company that has photographers designing and using their products," said Tom Redd from

"Overall, I’ve been very pleased with my ProMediaGear products and recommend them highly," Redd added.

"ProMediaGear's careful engineering makes this possible, and raises the TR344 near to the top of its class. In addition, there are thoughtful features like the variety of apex attachment points, the hidden (but always there) foot spikes, and the large bubble level," said Mark Banas of

Banas added, "Overall, the ProMediaGear TR344 'Pro-Stix' tripod is a high-performing support system that doesn't distract with issues or shortcomings during long days of shooting."

Aim Orallo