SS2SLLBK3 Peak Design Strap with PMG SS2p1 Rapid Connector | End-Of-Life

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lori in AZ (Phoenix, US)
Hubby says 5-stars

Exactly what he wanted

Vincent Nicoletti (Sydney, AU)
Great quality

Really good quality and great idea to pair ProMediaGear with Peak Design. Works well. Oozes quality.

David Burstein

Elegant, functional and well made.

Teddy Kosoglou
An Excellent Product Combination

This is a well thought-out and very functional product combination made with the finest materials. It”s modular and easy to use.


This is a quick and easy way to get from my Promediagear ball head to having it strapped on getting to work freehand. I have a Canon EOS R, which I use with the Promediagear L Bracket, the Promediagear ball head and 34mm tripod. For years I just left the Canon neck straps on while working in the studio, not sure what you would call that, perhaps lazy. At any rate when I got this all together I thought the camera strap would be even more in the way then before for I looked at the quick release on the peak design strap and thought I would give it a try. This system worked really well for me. The strap could easily be removed and out of the way when in the studio and it could be rapidly put into place when I wanted to run away from my tripod. The strap is very easy to adjust and has a non skid side so you don't have to worry about it slipping off your shoulder. This strap is really heavy duty, it could likely hold my Sinar F very comfortably, as if I would want to strap that around my neck. If you have a lite camera setup you may want to chose the smaller option as I feel this would comfortably carry the heaviest setup that you would be willing to strap on.