PXC2 8 Inch Arca-Swiss Type Nodal Rail with Integrated Clamp

Arca-swiss type Nodal Slide For Gimbal Heads

Arca-swiss type Nodal Slide For Gimbal Heads

PXC2 - Nodal Rail Plate with Arca-Swiss Type Dovetail and Integrated Clamp

Item Includes:
  • Plate with integrated Arca-Type clamp (knob type)


  • 8-inch Multi Plate accepts Arca-Style Clamps on top and bottom
  • Mountable to Ball Heads or Gimbal Heads (anything with Arca-Style clamp)
  • Integrated Arca-Type Knob Clamp
  • Use to attach cameras to Gimbal Heads or to Find Nodal Point for Panoramas
  • 5.5 inch long dovetail (not including the clamp)
  • Compatible with: Arca-Swiss compatible clamps
  • Basic Micro Slider to help focus
  • T6061 Aluminum, CNC Machined
  • Made in USA
  • UPC: 609456714884


  • 8 inch total length,
  • 7.5 inch long dovetail (not including the clamp)
  • Weight 0.4 lbs, 200 grams
  • T6061 Aluminum, CNC Machined
  • Made in USA
Indispensable if you need to find the nodal point with a lens that doesn't have a collar.  Works with Nikon, Canon, Sony, DSLR's or Mirrorless cameras.  A camera mounting plate is required (Arca-Swiss style).  This item is made with precision and passion, works as good as it looks.  Essential Item for Panoramic Photography as it helps make better images for stitching.

Customer Reviews

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Robert C. (Orlando, US)
Quality Rail

I bought both the 8 and 6 inch rails as I was not sure which would work the best for me. I found that the 8 inch works best shooting landscape and the 6 inch better in portrait when using with my Katana Jr. gimbal head. This is due to me also using the PMG L brackets with my cameras. Due to the bracket being forward when using as portrait the 6 inch rail works better due to the forward offset. If I used the 8 I am sure I would catch part of it in the picture using my 15-35mm lens.

Roger Valeri
Well Made...But

I bought this to use on a gimbal head, but it is also useful for macro and panoramic photography too. It is very well made and does those functions as intended, but.... I use it on my Nikon Z7 with an RRS one piece L-bracket and my Z 24-70 f2.8. My one gripe: the height of the clamp above the rail is not high enough to allow my lens hood to stay on the lens without rubbing. Mine rubs the rail when retracted to 24mm. The RRS bracket is the low profile one, so if it was a little thicker, then no issue. This is something worth checking before you buy it for your setup. If you set your camera, with the plate/bracket on it, flush on a flat surface and the lens hood does not touch that same surface, then you won't have a problem. If lens hood diameter is large enough so that it touches that surface, or extends below it, then it will rub the rail, provided the lens is also short enough (less than 5.5" from the front edge of your plate). I can't use this with the lens hood unless I buy a new L-Bracket with a thicker bottom plate, cut the nodal rail short by an inch, or figure something else out.


This fail was perfect for me. I needed to mount Binoculars and a laser rangefinder on one rail and this is the perfect setup. The price point is great and the quality is there. Fast shipping too.

Nice but...

This is a very nice well built piece. I use this to help me reduce parallax when stitching pano's. To that end I do wish the rail had a scale on it so that I could easily adjust the plate for each focal length. My workaround was to put a piece of tape down the middle of the plate and write in all my focal length locations on it.

Spencer Welling
Great Buy for Panoramas

I use the nodal slide with the BH1 Pro head and Katana gimbal head for parallax-error-free panoramas and it works great! Much more compact than other pano set ups I’ve used in the past, and a better value compared w/ other makers out there (i.e. RRS, Nodal Ninja, etc.)