PM501A Manfrotto-Type QR Plate with Arca-Swiss Type Clamp Built-in (For 501PL - 502 - 504 - Nitro - RC3 - RC5 - NG Heads) - No Strap Port

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The PM501 Plate is a game-changer for DSLR Videographers that shoot using Arca-Type Tripod Plates on the bottom of the camera.

Our plate allows you to lock your DSLR Camera onto a popular type of video tripod such as the Manfrotto 501PL / 502 / Nitro / RC3 / RC5 / NG Heads and the Gitzo G2380 Video Head while using an Arca-Type Plate!

Now get flawless pans and tilts without fumbling with your Arca-Type Ball Head or stacking additional clamps.

The entire line-up of ProMediaGear Video Plates is precision CNC machined in our factory located in Tinley Park, IL USA. Made in the USA by photographers for photographers!

We pride ourselves in being experienced photography professionals and designing gear we would use.

There's nothing more important than our customers' satisfaction.

So, What Are You Still Waiting For? Order Your Own PM501 Video Plate Today!

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Dale Klippenstein (Abbotsford, CA)
Problem solved!

I love good gear that works exactly like I need it too. You can feel the quality and precision and brings a smile to my face every time I use it.