PLNZ672 L-Bracket for Nikon Z6 II and Z7 Mark II (Arca Swiss)


Key Features

  • Works with the Nikon Z6 II and Z7 II
  • Compatible with the Nikon FTZ adapter
  • Two-piece design with a removable vertical piece
  • Extending vertical piece to free up the cable ports.
  • Two safety stops in vertical and horizontal surfaces
  • Compatible with Arca-Swiss style tripods and monpods
  • Easy battery access
  • Built-in Allen Wrench Storage
  • Made of aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Black anodized scratch-resistant finish
  • Made in the USA
  • 5-year warranty

ProMediaGear PLNZ672 L-Bracket for Nikon Z6 II and Z7 II Overview

The ProMediaGear PLNZ672 L-Bracket is made for the Nikon Z6 II and the Nikon Z7 II. Both cameras share the same body dimensions but with different internals.

The PLNZ672 L-Bracket helps in making quick transitions from horizontal to vertical composition. It is also compatible with Arca-clamps in the market.

This Nikon Z6 II L-bracket is made of aircraft-grade aluminum which makes it lightweight and durable. The base plate hugs the Nikon Z7 II body perfectly and reduces the risk of it sliding or coming out.

One of the features of this L-bracket is the extendable vertical plate. This frees up the cable ports. You may also use the ProMediaGear A10 cable port protector to prevent cables from getting detached.

There are two options for strap ports available as well. The SS2 strap port works with ProMediaGear SS2 plugs while the QD strap port works with any QD plugs - including the ones from other brands.

Extra features include safety stops and compatibility with the Nikon FTZ adapter.

It also comes with a 5-year warranty so you may shop with no worries.

Additional note:

The original bracket doesn't fit on the new Nikon Z6 II or Nikon Z7 II body but the version with a battery grip is the same.
We will be making a new plate right now. As of the moment, we can make the current one work, but it involves removing the lip on it, and it's not going to look pretty as it will show raw aluminum, but that could be ready now to ship, if you want it that way, just let us know.


NIKON Z6 and Z7 Mark II MirrorLess Camera Professional L-Bracket Arca-Swiss Type for Ball Head Tripod
ProMediaGear L-Bracket L-Plate Custom Designed for Nikon Z6 Z7 Mark II Mirrorless Camera FTZ adapter

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    This is the best premium L-Bracket made for the Nikon Z6 II/Z7 II

    Exceptional quality & American craftsmanship. The PLNZ672 is an Arca-Swiss compatible L-Bracket which fits both the Nikon Z6 II & Nikon Z7 II mirrorless cameras. Comes assembled with a set of Allen key wrenches, ProMediaGear drawstring carry bag, removable strap loop, screws and User Guide. This 'Made In The USA' custom plate with attached L-Bracket is of high quality and is a customized fit to my Nikon Z6 II body. It's lightweight yet strong and fits my Nikon Z6 II and ball head perfectly. You can even attach ProMediaGear's BBX Boomerang Flash Bracket to the bottom plate, which is great so I now I can swap the Boomerang between the Nikon Z6 II and my Nikon D850 (which also is attached to a ProMediaGear plate). The bottom of the plate offers a port for PMG's Quick Release Plug SS2. It also comes with the option of ordering a plate with the QD port connection, if you desire. They are both secure & operation is smooth and positive and will use it with my Hold Fast Gear straps and there's a built-in slot for magnetic storage of the supplied Allen wrench. The PLNZ672's vertical bracket allows clear access to port doors on the left, as well as protect any cables or adapters attached to them. It even protects my Nikon WR-R10 wireless adapter when inserted in the bottom DC2 port of the Z6 II. You can even slide the "L" out if you need more room for thick tethered cables. I can also confirm that this L-Bracket does NOT interfere with the FTZ adapter mounted on the body. You can remove the FTZ without first removing the camera from the tripod. You can also attach the L-Bracket to the FTZ and it won't twist. The battery compartment is also accessible with this bracket. The PLNZ672 also allows me to grip the Z6 II body better WITHOUT accidentally triggering the Lens Release button when having my Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 S lens attached. Three times I disengaged the lens before owning this L-Bracket, but since my fingers stay firmly on the "L" portion of the bracket, I no longer hit the lens release button when using a heavy lens. This L-Bracket's finish is beautiful, mechanisms are fully functional, a perfect right angle bracket and very sturdy in use during my night cityscapes. In my opinion, this is the best premium L-Bracket made for the Nikon Z6 II/ Z7 II. ProMediaGear's items are modular, universal & camera specific. Highly recommended.

    Alan A. (Tacoma, US)
    The only L brackets I use

    I have these on my D 850's and now on my Z7 ii and Z6 ii (astro modified). In my opinion they are simply the best from both a quality (fit and finish are uncompromising) and pricing standpoint when compared to other premium brands. Period.

    David Burstein

    Quality, works perfectly.

    Tom B

    I have had my new PLNZ672 L-Bracket for several weeks now. I have used various other L-brackets in the past but none have fit my camera as well, felt as secure, and worked with the left port accessories and ease of access to the battery like the PMG. The bracket works equally well in horizontal and vertical orientation. I recommend this bracket for anyone.